Smart News Online Documentation

1. Introduction

This documentation is meant to help with installing and using the Smart News WordPress Theme. This is the first place to look for help when you encounter issues using the theme. If you have questions that are not addressed by this document, please refer to the Support section of this. Thanks so much!

2. Support

First of all, thanks so much for choosing Smart News!

2.1 Our Support Policy

If you’re having trouble getting setup, we’ll do our best to answer your queries as soon as possible. The bulk of our team is based in the US (EST) so please be aware of any time difference. Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes. Regretfully we cannot provide support for modifications or 3rd party plugins.

All support is provided through the Smart News review comments, and all other forms of contact. We typically respond within 48 hours (assuming it isn’t the weekend or a holiday).

2.1 Feature Requests

We love to hear from our users! Have a feature that you think would be cool and add value to the theme. Tell us on your request feature.

2.3 Third Party Plugins

Third party plugin conflicts are far and away the most common cause of unexpected behavior and issues. Before reporting a bug, please deactivate all your plugins and see if the issue still exists. If the issue goes away, you can figure out which plugin caused the problem by activating them one at a time and seeing which one makes the issue come back. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for troubleshooting 3rd party plugins.

2.4 Customization

Support covers setting up them theme but not providing support or guidance for code changes. The idea is that users attempting to make deep customizations should be able to navigate the code themselves.

3. Installation/Upgrade

3.1 Downloading the Theme Package

For free version you can directly download from this page. And for full version, after you buy smart news please download in this page. Your browser will download a zip package. NOTE: the zip package you download contains smartnews{license}.zip which is the actual theme. The downloaded package is not the WordPress theme itself but contains the theme.

3.2 Installation


Smart News requires WordPress 3.4 or greater. For information on installing WordPress and its requirements, refer to the WordPress Codex’s Installing WordPress and Requirements sections.

Additionally, Smart News requires that GDLibrary be installed on your server to support image resizing. Please talk to your host provider about installing GDLibrary if it isn’t included on your server by default.

Install & Activate

Take the following steps to install the Smart News WP Theme:

Upload The Theme

    1. In the WP-Admin interface, navigate to Appearance > Themes
    2. Click the Install Themes tab
    3. Click the Upload link in the tab content
    4. Use the file upload field to select the smartnews{license}.zip file from the package
    5. Click the Install Now button

Activate The Theme

    1. After confirmation of installation, navigate to Appearance > Themes > Manage Themes (tab)
    2. Locate the Smart News theme in the listing and click its associated Activate link
    3. Smart News is now installed and activated. Importing Demo Content is highly recommended if you are starting your site from scratch.

Activate the license

    1. For Free version, Please register in Dalih and you can find your free license here.
    2. For Full version, Please login to your account and get your free license here.
    3. After you activate your license you can setting the theme options.
    4. Important! For free version. If you want to install your theme in other domain you need to deactivate your license in first domain and then you can activate in other domain.

3.3 Updating Smart News

For free version you can’t do it and for full version, when update available you will be notified in your admin panel. You can update the theme like other theme normally via WordPress update.

4. Importing Demo Content

Demo Content Install is a feature of full version. You can download your at here. It’s a great way of getting started with Smart News if you’re starting your site from scratch. Running the Demo Content Install will create example site content. You still need to configure theme options, custom menus, and WordPress reading settings.

4.1 Installing Demo Content

Importing Demo Content can take several minutes to complete. In the WP-Admin interface, navigate to Appearance > Tools > Import. Select wordpress and then upload and import your smart-news-sample-data.xml. Wait several minutes and done.

4.2 Troubleshooting Demo Content Install

If the demo import doesn’t work after a few minutes, try increasing your PHP Memory Limit to 64M or talk to you hosting provider about doing so. The import can be resource intensive and require this modification. If you have to do this, you can change your PHP Memory Limit once the import is complete.

For more instruction please ask in support page. You can ask your question in comment section.