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October 2014

GoToMeeting Free Web-based Video Chat Application

video chat application

Currently we know that there are many video chat application choices we can use to chat with our friends or partners. And one of them is GoToMeeting Free. It’s a free simple and fast web-based video chat app to connect with your friends. This app helps you to sync on a project or connect with a friend in another country quickly.
Just like its name, this tool is great for quick meetings and…

Docker Modern Free Font

docker free font

Docker is uppercase sans-serif modern free font that comes in 3 styles: One – regular, Two – inline, and Three – pseudo-3d. As designer, this font will be useful for you. Try to mix all three types with different colors and you can get some nic…

ProgressBar.js Beautiful and Responsive Progress Bars

responsive progress bars

You want to create beautiful and responsive progress bars? Then, you can try ProgressBar.js. With ProgressBar.js, it’s easy to create arbitrary shaped progress bars. This library provides a few built‑in shapes like Line, Circle and Square but you can also create your own progress bars with Illustrator or any vector graphic editor.
ProgressBar.js is beautiful and responsive progress bars wit…

Free Blog / Magazine Modern Flat UI Kit

free flat ui kit

If you want to design your website with flat and modern look, then you can utilize this awesome free blog / magazine flat UI kit. There are a lot of elements and components included in the PSD file, all build with fully-scalable, editable vector shapes. See the preview of the Blog / Magazine UI kit below and download it for…

Azedo Free Font

azedo free font

Using unique and nice font is essential for your design. Here is Azedo free font created by Pedro Azedo. See the preview and download link…

Dropy A Simple jQuery & SCSS Dropdown

simple jquery dropdown

Want to create simple dropdown menu or other dropdown? You can look at Dropy. It is a simple SCSS and jQuery dropdown.
DEMO     …

Sucuri Website Scanner Online to Check Virus Malware and Security

website scanner online

As bloggers or site owners, sometimes there are people who don’t like your sites and try to inject viruses or malware to your server. Or maybe you did mistakes like installing cracked plugin or template and it contains malware. Because of that, you need to check whether your site is infected with viruses or not. And to do it, you can utilize Sucuri. It is awesome website scanner online and…

jQuery File Upload Plugin

jquery file upload plugin

Awesome jQuery File Upload plugin that have nice features like multiple file upload options, starting upload manually, drag and drop support, validation and preview images, progress bars, responsive, etc. It works with any server-side platform like PHP, Java, Ruby, Phyton, Node.js, etc. You also can delete uploaded files to the server and cancel the upload process any time. Interested to try this…

Croppic, Amazing Free Image Crop jQuery Plugin

image crop jquery plugin

If you want free image crop jQuery plugin, then you should consider Croppic plugin. This is an image cropping jQuery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more since it is flexible and provides nice features like crop, zoom, resize, drag and move the selection to select specific image part. You can go to the plugin site to see how it works. There are some demo examples you can try.

Free Beautiful Flat Style Icon Set (EPS,AI,PSD,PNG)

flat vector icons

Looking for flat business vector icons? Here is a beautiful flat style icon set that have been designed by vecteezy. These icons includes different file formats (EPS, AI, PSD, PNG). Feel free to modify the icons and use in your personal or commercial projects. See the preview and you can find the download link…

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