Disqus Comment System To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Easily

disqus comment system wordpress

Do you know about Disqus Comment System? And are you looking for ways how to increase traffic to your blog easily? Blog and visitors are two things that cannot be separated, unless you wish your blog silent with no visits. A blog will be known to others as a blog that has a purpose during the visit. Visitors are an important factor in the value of the blog. The visitors in large numbers hav…

“Diamond Post” Free Premium Magazine WordPress Theme Review

We’ve launched another new free premium wordpress theme in August 2014! This new theme is Diamond Post Magazine Wordpress Theme. This new magazine theme is amazing for any niche site as well as news/general site. Diamond Post come with clean magazine design and cool features like ads/Google Adsense ready, SEO ready, the latest Wordpress ready, etc. We hope our new theme will make you happy and…

“Perfect News” FREE Premium News/Magazine WordPress Theme Review

New FREE premium wordpress theme has been launched in August 2014! We call this new theme “Perfect News” Magazine Wordpress Theme. Like its name, this template is indeed created for news site, but, you can also use it for any site type/niche blog. Perfect News has elegant and clean magazine design as well as amazing features like SEO ready, ads/Google Adsense ready, supports the latest Wordpress…

Benefits of Google Analytic for WordPress Site

benefits of google analytics

The importance of understanding the blog activity
Google Analytic for Wordpress is one of the free tools provided by Google to determine the activity on your blog from Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, until Page per visit. Until now, a lot of bloggers have integrated their Gmail with their blog for Google Analytic. So it can be said to be complete. However, Google Analytic cannot be displayed…

Creating Google Rich Snippets for WordPress with Schema Creator Plugin

google rich snippets

The importance of Google Rich Snippets
Google Rich Snippets is one thing that should happen to your blog if you want your blog get good SERP in Google’s eyes. Not all bloggers success in creating snippets for their each post. Many bloggers bother trying a variety of techniques to increase ranking of his blog in Google SERP, many of them were successful, but many also fail. Many bloggers rely on…

How to translate “Biggest News” WordPress themes

Wordpress Translation

If you want to translate the whole theme into your language. Please follow the short tutorial below:
The master theme translation file is a POT file, which can be found in the theme lang folder. (Please open biggest news theme and open lang folder and then find POT file there.)
The program will be using to translate the theme is Poedit, which is available for all major operating…

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