Hide / Show Header on Scroll Tutorial

show header on scroll

Want to hide your website header when you scroll down the page and show it again when scrolled up? Here is hide/show header on scroll tutorial you can learn how to do it. With this, if you want to see the menu in header, you don’t need to scroll the top of website page.
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Disqus Comment System To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Easily

disqus comment system wordpress

Do you know about Disqus Comment System? And are you looking for ways how to increase traffic to your blog easily? Blog and visitors are two things that cannot be separated, unless you wish your blog silent with no visits. A blog will be known to others as a blog that has a purpose during the visit. Visitors are an important factor in the value of the blog. The visitors in large numbers hav…

How to translate “Biggest News” WordPress themes

Wordpress Translation

If you want to translate the whole theme into your language. Please follow the short tutorial below:
The master theme translation file is a POT file, which can be found in the theme lang folder. (Please open biggest news theme and open lang folder and then find POT file there.)
The program will be using to translate the theme is Poedit, which is available for all major operating…

WP Mass Mailer Plugin Helps Your Marketing Work

wp mass mailer

3 safe steps to change the URL wp-admin folder.

Are you have any questions related to this tutorial? Please don’t hesitate ask to us relevant questions.  We will very pleasure to give you an answer  as soon as possible. Thank…

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