WOWSlider – Responsive jQuery Carousel Slider Plugin

responsive jquery carousel slider

We usually need slider to make our website design looks better. You can use WOW Slider, an awesome, lightweight, and fast responsive jquery carousel slider plugin to make slider for your site. It’s free for personal projects and has many slide types you can choose.

Free Simple Vertical Menu with jQuery and CSS3

simple vertical menu

If you want to create a simple, but very stylish vertical menu, then, you can utilize this vertical menu. It’s created using some CSS3, a bit of jQuery, a custom text font and the most impressive icon font you can find at this moment, which is FontAwesome. Go check it out by yourself!
DEMO &am…

Progress Circle jQuery Plugin

progress circle jquery plugin

Progress Circle jquery plugin creates progress circle bar based on pure CSS elements. You can utilize to implement it on your website. Want to try this circular progress bar jquery plugin? Click the demo and download links below.
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Dropy A Simple jQuery & SCSS Dropdown

simple jquery dropdown

Want to create simple dropdown menu or other dropdown? You can look at Dropy. It is a simple SCSS and jQuery dropdown.
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jQuery File Upload Plugin

jquery file upload plugin

Awesome jQuery File Upload plugin that have nice features like multiple file upload options, starting upload manually, drag and drop support, validation and preview images, progress bars, responsive, etc. It works with any server-side platform like PHP, Java, Ruby, Phyton, Node.js, etc. You also can delete uploaded files to the server and cancel the upload process any time. Interested to try this…

Croppic, Amazing Free Image Crop jQuery Plugin

image crop jquery plugin

If you want free image crop jQuery plugin, then you should consider Croppic plugin. This is an image cropping jQuery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more since it is flexible and provides nice features like crop, zoom, resize, drag and move the selection to select specific image part. You can go to the plugin site to see how it works. There are some demo examples you can try.

On Scroll Effect Layout for Beautiful Scroll Effects

on scroll effect layout

Want to create beautiful on scroll effect layout? Then, you should check Blueprint On Scroll Effect Layout. This is an on scroll effect template that animates the sides of sections once they are in the viewport. It works with adding a class for animating the two sides of a section. There is an example effect defined and also some media queries for dealing with smaller screens.
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flipLightBox – A Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin

responsive lightbox jquery

Want to add responsive Lightbox to your image? You can try to use flipLightBox, a responsive Lightbox jQuery plugin. This plugin is very easy to implement and doesn’t need additional scripts, stylesheets, or libraries. It also provides cool feature where it has optional flip effect as each lightbox image opens and closes. Check the demo and try it by your self!
DEMO     …

Adding Facebook Login to Web App with fblogin jQuery Plugin

facebook login

For some people, adding a Facebook Login option is a pain since the process requires multiple requests to the Facebook API, and usually results in a messy callback soup. If you want to add Facebook login option to your website / web apps easily with single call, then, you can utilize this simple fblogin jQuery plugin.
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Simple-Sidebar, A Free Simple jQuery Sidebar Plugin

jquery sidebar plugin

Are you looking for a simple jQuery sidebar plugin for your site? Then, you can check out Simple Sidebar. This plug-in gives you options to use the right-sidebar or the left-sidebar and to switch from one to the other in just one type. Want to know how it works and use it? Click the demo and source links below.
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