Free jQuery Autocomplete Plugin like Google Autocomplete

jquery autocomplete plugin

If you want to make autocomplete feature on your site just like Google autocomplete, then you should check jQuery Autocomplete plugin. This plugin is simple, lightweight and easy to settings.
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jQuery Imagefit – Free jQuery Plugin to Make Images Fit Anywhere

free jquery plugin imagefit

Do you want to make your images on your site can fit anyway and anywhere? If so, then you should try jQuery Imagefit. It is a simple, lightweight free jQuery plugin that can make images fit anywhere and anyway. Check the demo to know how it works!
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Free jQuery Subscribe Better

free jquery

Do you want to add or create newsletter subscription for your site? Then you can check out free jQuery Subscribe Better. It is a plugin to create a better, highly customizable subscription modal or newsletter signup.
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fakeLoader.js – Free jQuery Plugin to Create Page Preloading Effects

free jquery plugin

There are many ways to design our site. And here is fakeLoader.js. It’s is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you create an animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask to simulate the page preloading effect. By utilizing this jQuery, it will make your site more beautiful and elegant when loading your pages.
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FractionSlider – Free Parallax Slider jQuery Plugin

parallax slider jquery

Do you look for free parallax slider jQuery plugin? Then you can consider the FractionSlider. It’s is an image/text-sliders jQuery plugin. It can animate multiple elements per slide. There are different animation methods you can set like transitions or fade from a certain direction. Also this plugin provides options where you can specify delays and easing for each element. You have full layout…

jQuery Easy Ticker Plugin

jquery easy ticker

Want to create/add news ticker to your site? Here is jQuery easy ticker. It is a news ticker like plugin that scrolls the list infinitely. This plugin is flexible and highly customizable. It comes with lot of features and works well in all major browsers.
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FooTable – Free Responsive Table jQuery Plugin

responsive table jquery plugin

Want to make the table of your web page looks good on any devices? Then you should utilize the FooTable. It is a jQuery plugin that can make HTML tables on mobile devices look amazing. And no matter how many columns of data you may have in your tables. You should check the demo to see how it works. And good news for Wordpress users because there is also a wordpress plugin too.
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bs_pagination – Bootstrap Pagination jQuery Plugin

pagination jquery plugin

bs_pagination is a pagination jQuery plugin and based on Twitter Bootstrap. This jQuery is created for Bootstrap 3, but also can be used for Bootstrap 2. It’s responsive web design and fully configurable.
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ClassyCountdown – Nice Free Circular Countdown jQuery Plugin

circular countdown jquery plugin

Are you looking for free circular countdown jQuery plugin? Then, you can try to use ClassyCountdown. It is a jQuery plugin that will help you to create clean and nice circular countdowns easily. This jQuery includes 12 themes where you can modify them and it is fully customizable. ClassyCountdown uses HTML5 canvas for rendering the circles. If you want to see how good this jQuery, check t…

Dropper – Drag and Drop Upload jQuery Plugin

Here is nice simple drag and drop uploads jQuery plugin, called Dropper. This jQuery is very useful to make you easily uploads files on your site.
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