CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

free html editor

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is a powerful coding/editing tool. Actually this HTML editor is premium product (well, you miss some tools like FTP upload, CSS menu design, etc.), but for the free version, it won’t give you difficulty if you’re beginner. It can help you to easily learn coding. One of amazing features offered is Open From Web option where you can use it to open a web page you like and…

Free Compress PNG Images Online Tool

compress png images online

Do you want to compress or convert your PNG images? Here is free Compress PNG images online you can use for free to convert from PNG to PNG-8 with full browser compatibility and transparencies. Try it!

Typewonder Free Online Tool to Test Fonts on Website

test fonts on website

Sometimes you feel confused to decide the best fonts for your site. Because of that, you need tool to test fonts on website so you can check whether the fonts good or not. And here is Typewonder, a test fonts free online. It’s easy to use. You only need to type your site url and check the best fonts to use. Well, try it by yourselves so you can know how amazing it works.

Amazing Creative Link Effects Free

creative link effects

When you create good website, one thing that you should consider is link effect. If you can make link effect in your site looks beautiful, it certainly will catch visitor’s eye. And here is a collection of amazing Creative Link Effects you can use for free. They mostly uses transitions on pseudo-elements so you should remember that pseudo-element transitions don’t work in every browser, best…

GoToMeeting Free Web-based Video Chat Application

video chat application

Currently we know that there are many video chat application choices we can use to chat with our friends or partners. And one of them is GoToMeeting Free. It’s a free simple and fast web-based video chat app to connect with your friends. This app helps you to sync on a project or connect with a friend in another country quickly.
Just like its name, this tool is great for quick meetings and…

Sucuri Website Scanner Online to Check Virus Malware and Security

website scanner online

As bloggers or site owners, sometimes there are people who don’t like your sites and try to inject viruses or malware to your server. Or maybe you did mistakes like installing cracked plugin or template and it contains malware. Because of that, you need to check whether your site is infected with viruses or not. And to do it, you can utilize Sucuri. It is awesome website scanner online and…

ZenPen Free Word Processing App to Create Your Blog Articles

free word processing app

As blogger or internet marketer, creating articles or contents for sites or other kind of text writing is our daily activity. If you’re looking for simple and free word processing app to help your writing activity, then ZenPen is great choice.
ZenPen is an online web app that has minimalist interface as well as features because this tool is indeed only as text writing tool just like notepad.

Codeanywhere – Free Code Editor in a Browser (Cloud Based)

code editor

As wordpress developer, we always need code editor and of course we like to choose the free one. There are many choices of free code editor we can get in internet and one of them is Codeanywhere.
Codeanywhere offers great features where you can use it directly in a browser (compatible in all major browsers) and this tool is integrated with Dropbox client, FTP, and SFTP. For wordpress developers…

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