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FANCY ME Free Font

fancy me font

Looking for nice free font collection? Here is NCY ME, a mix between modern, edgy and yet femine. This font will look great in editorial designs. You can use it for personal and commercia…

Thumbnail Proximity Effect with jQuery and CSS3

thumbnail proximity effect with jquery and css3

Want to create thumbnail proximity effect with jQuery and CSS3 for your site? Then, this tutorial is for you. The idea is to scale image/thumbnails when hovering over them with description appear and also proportionally scale their neighbouring images to their distance.
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College Free Font

college free font

College Free Font is capital font by Matthew Welch that you can download and use for free. It’s good to add this font to your collection, very…

Free Essential Generic Icons (SVG & PNG)

free generic icons

If you’re looking for generic icons, this is a package of free essential generic icons that you can download and use for free both personal and commercial projects. It includes SVG and PNG…

Portfolio Image Navigation with jQuery

portfolio image navigation

Do you want to show off your portfolio in your site in unique display? Here is portfolio image navigation with jQuery tutorial that you can try and learn. You should check the demo to know well how it works, you must like this!
DEMO      …

Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery

typography effects

Creating big eye-catching headlines to your site usually will give good things like to make your visitors interested. And here is a tutorial how to create big headlines typography effects with CSS3 and jQuery. Check the demo first and you will like it!
DEMO      …

54 Free Ecommerce Icons for You

free ecommerce icons download

Looking for free ecommerce icons for your web / app design? Here is nice 54 free icons related to Ecommerce / online business you can download and…

iMac Scrolling Effect jQuery

imac scrolling effect jquery

Here is nice iMac Scrolling Effect jQuery you can use to give nice design touch to your website while scrolling. It’s jQuery & CSS3 powered and inspired by Apple’s iMac wesbite. Check the demo to see it!
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ScalableLightbox – Scalable Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin

responsive lightbox jquery plugin

A jQuery plugin for building aesthetically minimalistic, responsive picture lightboxes. Features an index module for providing an overview with thumbnails as well as a lightbox module, for displaying high-res images in a responsive manner.
DEMO      …

Elastic Slider – Beautiful jQuery Photo Slider

jquery photo slider

Looking for beautiful jQuery photo slider for your images Gallery? Here is Elastic Slider, an image slider with CSS3 and jQuery where it moves elastically like rubber when you slide the image/photo to the left or right. It’s cool! And this jQuery slider works well on desktop and mobile browsers. Try it!
DEMO      …

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