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Reason many people like to use jQuery

Several years ago. Everyone was so difficult to use Javascript. A language which plays an important role for processing the data in the client browser. Ironically, so many disadvantages of this script. Starting from inconsistency in any browser, slow performance and lack of tools to analyze the code (debugging).

I had learned Javascript several years ago and its development was not so significant until appear “Javascript 2.0″ which is predicted to become the future generation of web applications. However, the fact remains the same as the previous version.

Now, many web developers that create the framework to support Javascript performance, such as Mootools, Dojo, Prototype, jQuery, etc. Among it all, many people like to use jQuery. Below is the reason:

1. jQuery separates the HTML codes with the action or event

If you know html, you would often look at this code:

<button id="button" onclick="submit()"> submit </button>

although the submit() function is in an external javascript file, but it still remains visible in HTML codes, right?. While with the jQuery, you can hide the name of the function by separating them in another file. Look example, in HTML:

<button id="button" onclick="submit()"> submit </button>

in the JS file add this code:

$("#button").click (function () {

and jQuery really separate the HTML markup code of the action or event.

2. A little writing and a lot of work (Write less do more)

Yep, this is the slogan of jQuery and highly accurate. By using the jQuery selector, you can manipulate every object in the HTML and not have to worry about multi browser.


line 1 of code above mean, the class “button” include in all elements with tag <p> and display it with the effects slowly. No need to check the browser, no loops, and is a good weapon to complicated animation code, all with just one line.

3. Improve performance

The original file size of jQuery is large. But the minimum version and which have been in a zip able to eliminate the problem. Without the additional features, the new version of jQuery still have minimum file size.

4. Supported by many plugins

Thousands jQuery plugin has been built. You can choose form validation, gallery, animation, a progress box and so please look at the jQuery plugin

5. Save your time

JQuery has been proven to save my time. At the time of learning also no need stay long, take a blank 30 minutes every day to practice and understand to use jQuery.

My suggestion for a newbie, you should try to understand the jQuery selector first.

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