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“Game Speed” FREE Premium News WordPress Theme Review

Game Speed Preview

If you have any question about this item you can leave your comment or question here. Our support will monitoring this review and as soon as possible will answer your comment.
If you want to create a website with wordpress platform, you can use the "Game Speed" WordPress Themes. "Game Speed" is amazing wordpress theme. It is perfect for website gaming review, news, blogs and others. This theme is free for download. Many features are included in this theme. Some features of this theme are as follows:

  • Many color and patern combinations.
  • Many shortcodes to increase the design of post.
  • Amazing, Elegant, Friendly & New design.
  • Documented file included with clear instructions and screenshots to help you through the installation and customization process.
  • Auto popular posts.
  • Fixed width.
  • Easy to install and customize.
  • Adsesnse ready.
  • Gravatar ready.
  • Tested with all pupular browsers (IE 7, 8, 9, Firefox 3.6+ Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • Tested with the wordpress version 3.1+
  • Video shortcode generator. Many video support (youtube, vimeo, wordpress, google video ect).
  • Contact us ajax.
  • Video & images lightbox support.
  • Social network share.
  • Column can create with shortcode.
  • Blog page, full width page and contact page, templates included.
  • Custom wordpress 3.0 menu compatible.
  • Custom favicon replacement (via theme panel options).
  • Custom logo replacement.
  • Widgetized footer available.
  • Custom sidebars for specefic pages.
  • 2 Bonus custom widgets (sidebar video widget, random sidebar video).
  • Skin color.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized)

New Biggest News Free WordPress Theme.

Click the picture for more details

Actually there are many more features of this theme. For more details you can see the details with click button details theme bellow.

Details and Download Theme

Are you have any questions related to the Game Speed theme? Please don't hesitate ask to us relevant questions.  We will very pleasure to give you an answer  as soon as possible. Thank you.

Note: we only monitor your question in this place. If you ask your question anywhere else, we do not guarantee you will get an answer from us. Currently we are in the process of transfer all comment to the Disqus comment system. So may be some old questions have not been fully imported. We hope you can understand. Thank you very much.

  • enfexiyon

    Thank you. good, very good theme.

    ps, buddypress version?

    • Dalih Susilo

      Your welcome, I hope you will use it for your site. About the buddypress, I’ll think about it :) . Maybe next time, I still have to learn about BuddyPress to make it.

  • Nick

    contact with me via my email i need you for a job

    • Dalih Susilo

      Thanks for the offer, but now I’m still doing a big job. And I have to concentrate. Maybe next time I will contact you. Thanks again.

  • Fauzy

    Nice theme. I will use this for my website.
    Anyway, how to use this theme on my another website, the theme option doesn’t appear.
    Thank you.

    • Dalih Susilo

      I’ve sent you an email. please check your email. we will discuss this further.

  • TitO

    nice theme , but it have error in footer

    this is a error message
    Error footer sponsor link, automatic download original themes.

    • Dalih Susilo

      Please don’t remove or change the footer credit link. If you do it the theme will not work. If you want to remove it legally, please PM me. :D

  • prospoker

    i have this is a error message:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare load_video_sidebar_widgets() (previously declared in /hermes/bosweb26b/b2403/ipg.prospokernet/wp-content/plugins/video-sidebar-widgets/video-sidebar-widgets.php:34) in /hermes/bosweb26b/b2403/ipg.prospokernet/wp-content/themes/gamespeed/includes/Video/Video.php on line 10

    videosidebarwidgets.php (line)

    function load_video_sidebar_widgets(){
    	$options = get_option('vsw_plugin_options');
    	if(empty($options['hide_vsw'])) {
    • Dalih Susilo

      It seems there is incompatibility with one of your plugins. To solve the problem, you can disable the plugins that contained load_video_sidebar_widgets() function therein (in this case is video sidebar widget plugin). Thank you.

  • Mpenza

    How do I hide footer links?

    • Dalih Susilo

      I have sent PM to you. please check.

  • cahyo

    You have good programming skill

  • Mahesh Verma

    Hiii How i can show thumbnail in this theme. do i have to use custom field for this ?
    Do i have to write thumbnail in name section and image URL in value?
    is this theme is good for SEO ?

    • Dalih

      Click Set Featured Image on the right in the Featured Image section.
      Feature Image Box
      For SEO, it would be much good if you are using additional plugins like All in One SEO Pack. You can download it here. This plugin is free.

      • Mahesh Verma

        Thanks for the Help but i have tried it several times it just insert a image in my post only but not in thumbnail is there nay way to show thumbnail using custom field ?

        • Dalih

          I think this is the best way. Below are the full steps:
          Step 1, Click Set Featured Image on the right in the Featured Image section.

          Set Feature Image

          Step 2, then will appear dialog box as below. Click “select files” button

          feature image dialog box

          Step 3, Please select an image according to your taste.

          Select image from computer

          Step 4, The following step is an important step. You have to click “use as feature images” if you want to make this image as a thumbnail post. Do not click “insert into post” button, if you do that, it just insert a image in your post only but not in thumbnail.

          User as feature image

          Step 5, After it all please close the dialog box. and now you’ve got your images as thumbnails post. that’s all. hopefully can solve your problem.
          You no need to use custom field again. That was a old way. Thanks. :D

          Feature Image Inserted

          • Mahesh Verma

            Its working now. Really Thanks for the help ,there are not many people out there who supports free themes and reply to the problems :)

  • Rafael

    Awesome Template!Gratz man…’s have functions like game reviews, latest news, popular reviews…?


    • Dalih

      Your welcome. I hope you enjoy using this theme.
      Yes, it’s have functions like that. but for a popular review, you may still need the appropriate plugin. Maybe next time I will add that feature.

  • Rafael


    Can i change the slideshow in the home page?How i replace it ?

    Thanks again, your template is beatifull!

    Sory about my english =/
    Cheers from Brazil.

    • Dalih

      Yes, you can. You just need enter into the “gamespeed” theme options and find the homepage settings tab. In there you can change the category of the slider and other.

      Setting Slide Show and Other

  • Rafael

    Thanks for the reply.

    But i wanna to change the slideshow, not the images in there, you know?

    • Dalih

      This theme only supports one type of slide show. If you want replace it, you can find the code in the index.php file and replace with your other slideshow code. The following is the code for the include file to featured.php.


      You need to have programming skills to solve this problem. Then you can create a code for featured.php. you also need the ability programming javascript and css.

  • Rafael

    My widget page are stuck, i can’t drag anything.
    It is non-stop loading.
    I think this is why my widget page are stuck. And this not happens with my old template.


    • Dalih

      Please let me know what plugins are installed? I think it might be crash with your other plugins.

  • Rafael

    I solved this by using the view IE compatibility.Thanks for your concern.( I use the latest version of IE)
    (This has nothing to do with the problem since I uninstalled all of them ^^.)

    Hot News is defined by number of posts comments? or per hits?
    I must know this because if don’t have both, it will be like “the latest gaming updates”.


    • Dalih

      If you want to show the hot news is based on the number of comments in the post. You can replace the code below:


      with this code:

      $otherFeaturedPost->query( array('showposts'=> '4', 'orderby' => 'comment_count', 'offset'=>'0'));

      in the index.php file.

  • Rafael

    I really appreciate your help.
    So Without this changes hot news is the last 4 news and latest gaming updates is the latest news too but with link pages below, to see all news, right?


    • Dalih

      Sorry for the delay. I fell asleep last night :D . Yes you are right. But the hot news is displayed based on category in the theme options setting. But if you change the code, If there is no comment in the post then the hot news will display the last post. But if there are comments in the post it will show the post based on comments highest.

  • Rafael

    How you do the “Dropcap & Column” in one page with all the columns?

    I need to do a MMO List ( massive multiplayer online list )
    but i’m stuck on it.

  • Rafael

    *I was thinking in a table list for it

    • Dalih

      Do not use tables, but use the shortcode. As an example to create dropcap, you can use [DropCap] L [/ DropCap]. And to create a column with a half width, you can use [one_half]. The following is a sample post dropcap and column

  • Rafael

    Dalih Sorry, but I am a layman in programming.
    I saw some shortcodes like [adsense] and [gallery] but do not know how to use the table to my list.
    I tried [table] but I do not know if it’s right

  • Rafael

    I will use this.
    Exemple: [tabs style="3"] [tab title="Tab name"] Tab content [/tab] [/tabs]

    Creating tabs inside the spoilers to my game list.
    What do you think?It’s good to SEO?


    • Dalih

      This theme does not support “tab” shortcode. Or maybe you use another plugin? And if right, I think it will not affect the SEO.

  • Rafael

    Yes i use a plugin for shorcodes ( )

    All the best!

  • Will

    I started using your theme and its splendid but then 24 hours later i get this message “Error footer sponsor link, automatic download original themes.”. I tried reinstalling the theme all that, didn’t work. Any idea?

    • Dalih

      Please don’t remove or change the footer credit link. If you do it the theme will not work and automatic download original themes.

  • Will

    ok sorry about that. so if i put back what was there before it will work again?. But can you tell me the old credit link?. ty

    • Dalih

      You no need to do that. You only need to download the original theme and install it again. and the problem will be resolved. Thanks.

  • Rafael

    Hi Dalih. I have the same problem here but i don’t remove it in any moment. Maybe it’s a bug?And it’s come back without any changes too…

    • Dalih

      I’ve updated it with the new version. you can re-download and try it.

  • Rafael

    I found an evidence. And it’s very weird.

    I put the following shortcode (using shortcode ultimate):
    [button link = "#" color = "# F246713" size = "2" style = "3" dark = "0" square = "0" target = "self"] News [/ button]

    When I add some types of color, displays this message.
    Example: # 09999999 and # F246713.

  • Rafael

    How do you insert the “Sample Lightbox Video”?


    • Dalih

      It’s easy you just copy the youtube or vimeo url to the image url link like this:

  • Vishaal


    Installing Theme from uploaded file:

    Akismet is almost ready. You must enter your Akismet API key for it to work.

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Theme installed successfully.

    Warning: fopen(/home/bloggz8k/public_html/wp-content/themes/gamespeed/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/bloggz8k/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4339

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/bloggz8k/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4342

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/bloggz8k/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4345

    • Dalih

      Try your download again and reinstall the theme. Errors may occur because during the extraction zip file. Zip file not extracted properly. I’ve tried it and it does not happen in server me. I hope this can solve your problem.

  • Rafael

    Thanks Dalih. ^^

  • Will

    Hey sorry to bother you but is there any way for me to remove this from the header?
    “Go to DASHBOARD>Appearance> Menus to set up the menu”, thank you

    • Dalih

      You can set the menu via admin page, and automatically the text “Go to DASHBOARD>Appearance> Menus to set up the menu” will be gone.

  • Rafael

    Dalih, i was testing the contacting page and i don’t recieve the e-mail… =/

    • Dalih

      You must set your email at contact us page in theme option.

  • Rafael

    I already did

    • Dalih

      I’ve checked it out many times, and no problems here. email can be sent and I can always receive mail from the contact page.

  • Sylicious

    Why game speed options are off on my website i cant edit alot of thinks

    • Dalih

      please activate your email to use this theme.

      • Sylicious

        thank you your theme is simply awesome

  • Coldpl

    Why live demo not working?

    • Dalih

      Please check again, I already fix it.

      • Coldpl

        Thank you. And i have one more question. Can i use pagination in articles, because when i use part of article is hide, and i don’t see any links to next part.

        • Dalih

          You can use this code:

          < ?php
          $pagelist = get_pages('sort_column=menu_order&sort_order=asc');
          $pages = array();
          foreach ($pagelist as $page) {
             $pages[] += $page->ID;
          $current = array_search($post->ID, $pages);
          $prevID = $pages[$current-1];
          $nextID = $pages[$current+1];
          • Daniel

            Hey, if I donate $25 i will get a version without footer links and can use my own footer, right?

          • Dalih

            Yes you can, I will send the full version to your email.

  • islam

    theme option don’t displayed with me 

    • Dalih

      Please activated your email first to use this theme.

  • Africa fm


  • Agus

    Wowww…. this theme will be mine…
    very awesome…
    you may sell this themes Bro..
    This is premium…
    But Thanks Alot ^_^

    • Dalih

      Your welcome, that is great idea. maybe next time I Will create premium themes. And for this theme. I just hope donation if anyone want get full version.

  • Ahmad Syamil

    mas  kenapa slide show nya gak mau muncul yak??? coba deh cek di web ku, apa karna server nya yang lemot jadi gak bisa tampil gambar2nya… please 

    • Dalih

      Maaf mas tapi saya tidak bisa buka web mas

      Internal Server Error

      The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

      Please ….”

      • chub005

        How do I change to to my own backgrounds…  
        thanks in advance

  • ngensociety

    i have host and domain but i dont know how to install this themes I used discuz board what should I do  , sry for my bad english

    • Dalih

      Hello ngensociety, sorry for delay respon. I was so busy yesterday :( . You can replace the default comment of wordpress with your discuz code.
      Please find this code at line 139 in file single.php


      You can replace that code with your discuz comment code. that’s all. I hope this can resolve your problem.

  • chub005

    How do I change to to my own backgrounds…  (on game speed)

    • Dalih

      Please find default background at gamespeed(folder)/images/background/bg1.jpg or bg2 or bg3.jpg. You can replace that background with your own background image. thanks.

      • chub005

        thanks very much…..  Im looking to make game speed my main site’s theme if i do how long does it take to get the copy where I can change the footer after I donate .  and do you have any new game themes coming soon ?

        • Dalih

          You can change immediately after make donation. please go to this page to get full version of this theme after you buy you will get link of this theme full version. In full version the footer is not encriptted.

          • blake

            I Keep getting this everytime I click the options in theme appearance..

            Hello blake,

            Thank you for purchasing this theme. But, please activate your email BLANK to use this theme. Check your email and click link (Activated Now) fromGame Speed Team.

            Game Speed Team

  • Harrison Freeman

    Hey guy’s Ive got the ‘Game Speed’ Theme running on my website, if you want to preview, you can go to my site. (also if you are interested, looking for game reviewers) visit now:

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  • Faizan

    This design is absolutely gorgeous! There are many features of this theme that are only found in premium wordpress themes. We have proudly featured it in the Best Free WordPress themes of 2011 to promote your awesome work:

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  • Gamer

    Im haveing troble with makeing the theme live, i’ve changed my email & re-installed a few times but still nothing. Any tips ?

    • Dalih

      Please visit your theme options again. Now the theme will be live automatically. Thanks.

  • Yusuf

    Very Nice Game Themes ! Thanks admin.

  • Gamer

    Thank you for purchasing this theme. But, please activate your email to use this theme. Check your email and click link (Activated Now) fromGame Speed Team.
    I have changed the email/removed the theme frome the the server then replaced but it allway’s send’s activation to old e-mail.

    • Dalih

      Please check your theme options page. after that check your email. The email will be send automatically.

  • bosna

    Hi I am from Bosnia I want to thank you for the free template and praise for your work.

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  • MoCrow

    hello i didn’t get any email from you guys can ya send it to me i need to use ur sweet theme for my site and i want to remove the footer links and place my own and link back to as will got to give credit u know :D

  • fmgnetwork

    Hi Dalih,
    Great theme.  I purchased the Pro version, did not receive an email to activate and access the options page.  Please advice.
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

    • Dalih

      Please check your email. Thanks.

  • Kevin


    Nice looking theme but I am being asked to verify my email, unfortunatley it’s a new blog and I had not changed the email from – what should I do?
    Can you re-send? 

  • food techniques

    I didnt received any activation link how to activate the theme please help?

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  • Bill Wilson


  • Britian Hammond

    How do i activate this theme? It gives me the following error:

    Please do not remove or change the footer sponsor link, automatic download original themes!

    • Dalih

      Please don’t remove footer link, If you want replace footer link in this theme please get pro version of this theme at Thanks.

      • Gamer

        Hey been trying to catch up with you,been looking to see if you will add google plus button next to the twitter button on game speed. If I buy the pro version
        my site is

    • otakuman5000

      Dear Dalih, I need to activate my account to. If you could send me a link in the email I would appreciate it. Thanks.

      • Dalih

        I have activated your account, now you can open your theme options.

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  • Guido Scagliusi

    Dalih, do you have any idea how can we  “disable” the fancybox in gamespeed? Because i’m using the NextGen gallery plugin to manage my image galleries.

    • Dalih

      Please remove this code from header.php

  • rock

    where to activate my email….

    • Dalih

      Your theme has been activated.

  • Krystian

    HI i have question about this awsome themes .i dont now how to uploud my logo to page .;[  i already have page but i dont have logo because i dont now how to do ....;[  (sry for english ;] )

    • Dalih

      Please upload your logo from theme options. Thanks.

      • Krystian

        yea ok .but where ? theme options ,general settings ,Logo Url, i paste link from imageschack and save ….and nothing happend ;[

        • Krystian

          ok i alredy now thanks very much….i have another uploud 
          Example Background where ?

          • Dalih

            In game speed you can’t upload background via themeoptions. To upload it, please open your theme files and go to images/background/ folders. In there you can find the background images. Just replace that. That’s all. Thanks.

          • Krystian

            ok thanks very much !!!

  • Raul

    Congratulations for your themes, they´re really great, but I can´t manage to enter the options screen, and no activation link is send.
    Could You please activate the theme for me?..
    Thanks in advance!!..

  • Krystian

    hey ,i have problem wtk video sidebar widget ,when i add movie from youtube  the window of that widget is so big , i have name of that widget title and so big free space and video ;[

    • Dalih

      You can set the size of video via widget options.

  • Isaac Greer

    This theme seems really amazing, i really would love to use it, but odd enough everytime i try installing it, it gives me this error, The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet, I’m confused, am I doing something wrong?

    • Dalih

      Please extract .zip file first and then please find and then you can install it. Pro version available at

  • fpintilie58

    Hi.Just purchased the pro version but no activation link is coming.How can I use it?

    • Dalih

      Please let me know your email id when install this theme, I will activate your account to unlimited website from here. Thanks.

  • chris

    hello. how do I get this theme FULL? as in everything it has in your demo…so i can just edit it with what I want?:D like the whole “script” every single files etc…if is there  a way please let me willing to pay:) ty

    • Dalih

      That mean you need to get pro version of this theme. you can get pro version at Thanks.

      • theCineverse

        Hey Dalih,

        I’m trying to implement the demo version of your theme for my site, but when I upload it into wordpress I get an error during the install saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” any ideas?


  • ali raza

    hi Admin i need this theme for Blogger please can u give me for blogger ??? i will purchase if it working good for blogger same interface please replay me i have already for blogger but its not working 100% please if u make please replay i am waiting

  • theCineverse

    Hey Dalih,
    I’m trying to implement the demo version of your theme for my site, but when I upload it into wordpress I get an error during the install saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” any ideas?

  • Jim

    Why can’t I log into my dashboard??!!!! I keep getting the do not remove footer link and the zip keeps downloading! This must be fixed immediately!!!

    • Dalih

      Please clear all cache of in your browser and then reload your page. Thanks.

      • Jim

        Is there any reason why the file keeps being downloaded without warning?

      • Jim

        I did that. However, I keep getting the footer warning and the zip file is downloaded without warning… like 9 times now. Why is this?

  • http://8323 Krystian

    hey about 
    ‘Latest Gaming Updates’ Configuration
    i want set the only two cathegory but its dont work ,in my site in latest gaming updates show all latest post ,but i dont want that i want to show lates post but only my two cathegory not all 

  • Jim

    Please do not remove or change the footer sponsor link, automatic download original themes!”

    This is what I get. A hundred times an hour. Please advise. 

    The smart news zip file automatically downloads on my machine, too. Clearing cache does not help.

    Please advise.

    Thanks, Jim 

  • Jim

      Just to let you know, I haven’t touched the footer link.  

    • Dalih

      Please get pro version at and automatic download problem in login or register page will be gone. you can active the slider of feature post in theme options.

  • oneruffryder

    Does pro version have something else sxcept clean code in footer ?

    • Dalih

      In pro version all php and stylesheet is not encrypted. also will be upgrade to unlimited domain, so you can use this theme in unlimited domain. No automatic download in login or register pages.

  • oneruffryder

    I dont have paypal is monebooker good ?

    • Dalih

      sorry but i only use paypal for now.

  • Craig Watkins

    Hi, I haven’t received my activation code. It says I need it for the theme to work, thanks! :)

    • Dalih

      Please let me know your email id when install the theme. The email should be sent there.

      • Craig Watkins

        Hi Dalih, Still haven’t recieved anything as of yet, in the email that was mentioned on wordpress ‘Game Speed Options’

        • Dalih

          I have activated your account. You no need activate via email again.

  • Craig Watkins

    Thank You! :)

  • Anthony

    hello great theme but how do you disable some of the Homepage setting like the 
    3 Boxes On Left Of ‘Hot News

  • Samuel

    Can you please activate my template?

  • Kaeden

    I didn’t get the activation e-mail.

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  • Krystian

    Hey thx for previous answer…i have problem …when i use the search option on my page the results show on the black background ,i dont now how to change the background color to the same on forst page

  • randomBLOG

    single posts and categories do not load the background correctly, help please?

  • ifi001

    Hi Guys,

    I just purchased gamespeed theme but still I am getting error that I cannot use this theme in more then 1 website.

    Can you please explain why these error still showing ? I made payment through paypal.

    My userid is ifi001 & email is


    Iftikhar Hussain

    • Dalih

      I have upgrade your account, now you can use this theme in unlimited websites.
      Account details:
      Email ID:
      Theme Name: Game Speed
      Main Sites:
      Status: Unlimited

      • ifi001

        Thanks for updating :)

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  • alisheytoon

    Thanks For You . Nic

  • ???? ?????

    Thank you. This theme is so nice!
    But how can i use this theme without copyright notes and links. I dont want to remove copyright, i just want edit the copyright to short note!

  • bosch servis

    I didnt received any activation link how to activate the theme please help

  • jimmysan

    mistakenly sent the mail to my hostmanager, could you send it

  • Harriet

    I have added my youtube link but when I click it a white box appears in the middle of the page with a ‘x’ in the corner. What causes this? My youtube link doesn’t work :(

    • Harriet

      Found it! I put www. in the link, apparently it doesn’t like this. However after a few days my links are not working at all… I click them and nothing happens…

  • yas

    It was interesting to know

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  • Jelle van der Schoot

    Great theme, nice work!
    I’ve got one question. I’m not new into coding, but I want to change the background. I replaced the bg1.jpg file with Filezilla, but it isn’t repeating. It’s set on ‘no-repeat’. I looked in the home.css file and in the StyleSwicher.js file and changed all the no-repeat things to ‘repeat’, but it didn’t work. Where is the text that says ‘no-repeat’?

    • Jelle van der Schoot

      I’ve got it. For people who want the same as me, you can change it in Skins.php.


  • Eduardo

    So, its a excelent theme, but i have a problem. When used the traslate by google, show “Please don’t remove footer link, If you want replace”

    Who can soluted this?? 

  • Jelle


    It’s me again. I want to change the width and hight of the “.thepart1bimg”. I’ve looked everywhere for the number ’68′ (thats the current hight) but I can’t find it.. Could you please help me with this, I’m considering to buy this theme.. :)

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  • Jelle

    When I go to ‘Game Speed Options’, the page doesn’t show up normally. I get an announcement that sais: “Please download the original theme trough the download link”. But, I did… I’m really far in changing the theme and I don’t want to start all over again, could you please help me?
    I also wan’t to remove the footer links, without having to start all over again. Is that possible?

    • Dalih

      Please download the original theme and reinstall it. Errors may occur in your old theme. But, If you want to remove the footer link, please get the pro version at To install pro version you just need to replace the free version with the pro version. All the settings will not be lost. After you install the pro version. You can edit the footer link via theme options. And after you edit or remove the link, please clear all cache in your browser and then reload your page. Thanks.

  • Jelle

    If I replace this version with another version, all my files that I have changed (all the files, like header.php etc.) will be lost. Is there a way to remove the footer link and paying the money, but without losing all my changed files?


    • Dalih

      Yes you can, Please check your email.

  • Gabryel

    Hello, please tell me which is the advantage you pay $ 25. What options are in addition to free theme? Thank you …!

    • Dalih

      In pro version You can change the footer link as your desire via theme options. Also I will upgrade your account to unlimited installation, So you can use the theme in many sites.

  • javier

    Hello, before deciding to purchase the pro version need to know an important aspect for me.
    I need to know if the different categories created in the navigation menu will have the same appearance as “home”
    For example if you visit the following page of my country all categories “pc, ps3, xbox 360, etc …” maintain the same appearance as “home” (Inicio) but with different content.
    It can be done.

    • Dalih

      Sorry, it looks like the original theme can not do things like that. You will still need some code changes. Because in this theme of the category is showed by archive.php file. But if you want to make it happen. You can create a page template with the same design as the homepage but only different content code. Or you can change the code of archive.php like code for the homepage (index.php). But sorry again, I did not serve to create custom themes, I will only give support how to set the theme to look like in the demo page. Thank you.

  • Otakuman5000

    When I use the featured pics from my old posts, they don’t fill the block completely. on the main page my featured posts look like thumbnails in the feature blocks. is there a setting or something that I missed?

  • jtole

    Hi, not sure if Game Speed ??template on the home page may appear in the slide the last analysis all categories in order of publication, not a single category as this currently.
    It would be very interesting in Category Slideshow option plus the option was also “none” the “ALL” option.

    Thank you and I need your help.

    • Dalih

      If you choose “none”, it meant all the articles from all the category of will be displayed. So if you want to display the latest articles from all categories, you simply choose “none”. I hope this can help you. Thank you.


  • Federica

    Hello, i like to buy the pro version..but how can i do?

  • saenjei

    Thank you for your  theme..It is awesome.. I would like to donate in future. Please kindly inform how to arrange menu, i need XML file for Gamespeed theme. My website Url:

    Thank you

    • Dalih

      I have sent the xml file to your email. please check your pm. Thanks.

  • halisyanursadrina

    Awesome! Nice theme! Thanks!

    • dalihnet

      Thank you. Hope you like this.

  • allmasterpro

    How can I delete tags on the footer (ftag), mybe is simple but for some reason i dont find it.

    • dalihnet

      Actually the code is contained in the footer.php and footer.php code only can be edited in the full version.

  • Ahmet

    thanks i solved the problem about oyunbocegi… have a nice day

    • dalihnet

      Great, Glad to hear it worked.

  • dalihnet

    Please try to clear all cache in your browser and then reload your page after you change your permalink. And please try to create post with feature image in every post. You can get full version at Thank you.

  • mintik

    Very nice theme. Thanks :)

  • aziogamer

    Hello man , I bought the theme before and you sent the download links to my email, but now when I try to download it gives me *You do not have permission to download this file * =( could you help me plz ?

    • dalihnet

      Thank you for contacting us. Please let me know your receipt number and your paypal id. We will check it as soon as possible.

      Note: if you don’t want to public know your id you can send it from


      Dalih Support Team.

  • dalihnet

    you can set all widget in your sidebar in Appearance -> Widget menu.
    You can change all style of course include font size style in Home.css
    you can change size feature image home page in index.php

  • dalihnet

    Please comment in english I can’t understand in rusian. Thank you.

  • Daredevil

    I’m interested of some kind of game-ranking theme where people can vote and see it on main portal page, like . I’m looking for a widget with that feature. Thanks in advance.

    • dalihsusilo

      I have a plant to create game portal template with very nice seo and have rangking system for next project. Thanks. :D

  • Eveoflight

    Keep redirecting me to your site saying don’t change footer sponsor links, I haven’t done anything of the sort, the only thing that was added was my copyright info for site name. I don’t know if that was supposed to be there or if it was done by another theme, I want to know how it can be fixed here is my website I am thinking of getting purchasing this theme in the future.

    • dalihsusilo

      I am really sorry but I can’t see your site. May be your server is down?

      • Eveoflight

        Sorry, I realized the theme I got was not the same one I downloaded from your site, it seemed like it was exactly your site from where I got it. I got the legit version and put in the activation key, something I never did with the other theme I downloaded. All is well now, thank you again.

        • dalihsusilo

          Okay no problem mate :D . Please only download original version from my site. Thank you. Hope you like the theme.

  • dalihsusilo

    Okay. Please contact me again if you have any trouble with the theme. :D

  • dalihsusilo

    If you not change or replace sponsor links in footer. The free version will not redirect to any site that you must buy full version. So please don’t change or remove the footer sponsor links from free version. So don’t worry if you still want to use free version :D . But make sure you download “Game Speed” theme only from All will be okay. Have a nice day :D . Thank you for your comment.

  • darius

    @cdd8295309b88dd2db7143afad2a7cd8:disqus send me how i can remove footer pls

    • dalihsusilo

      You can change your footer links via theme options > General Settings > Footer copyright. Thank you for your comment. :D

  • dalihsusilo

    Regretted but this theme not support with simple press forums. :(

  • Disseirie Hernandez

    Is there anyway that you can update the gamespeed theme to have a game rating system for reviews?

    • dalihsusilo

      Regretted Game Speed not support rating system for review. Thank you for your comment.

  • Eveoflight

    When a search is done on your gamespeed theme, the results are broken off to the left. I have tested it on multiple browsers and they all have the same result, here is an example also sent a pic. How can this be fixed?

    • dalihsusilo

      Please try to disable one by one of your widget. May be there are problem with your widget . Thank you. Hope this can help you.

  • Petruz Ananta

    Selamat Siang, mohon maaf mengganggu. Saya seorang newbie dan ingin menanyakan berapa harga sebuah Template WordPress Premium? Dan bagaimana cara membelinya? Jika sudah membeli templatenya apakah saya bebas memodifikasinya termasuk link pembuat templatenya bisa saya modifikasi?… Mohon pencerahannya.. Terima kasih dan selamat siang

  • DalihNet

    Thank you.

  • dalihsusilo

    Default language for this theme is english. Thank you.

  • Masood Ahmed

    Pictures are not shown at the home page of my site. plz help
    sit link :

    • Fride N.

      please set your featured image. Thanks :)

  • nhatkute

    This is a great theme. It’s very useful for game website. thank you very much.

    • Fride N.

      thanks mate :)

  • Amir

    hey man thanks for this theme but the activation mail not sent to me
    what should i do?

  • Dalih

    I have activated your email. Now you can use the theme. Thanks.

  • Dalih

    I have activated your account. Thanks.

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