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For the advanced animation and effects of the web, the web developer may choose to use flash animation via Adobe Flash software. But in building a full website using flash animation effect can take more time consuming. To create just a movement, it takes a few layers. On the performance side, the flash animation websites platform require a longer loading time. This would seem boring for some visitors who want the speed of data transfer beside the design of dynamic website. And also the Flash animation is less enthused by Search Engine.

Today we know Javascript can be used to build web applications. By using Javascript, Web developers can build dynamic and interactive websites. The javascript is increasingly lowering the popularity of flash in creating an interactive websites. Abilities of javascript in making the animation such as drag and drop and other user interface concept is increasingly becoming a trend among web designers especially with the development of Javascript Framework. The example of Javascript frameworks are Dojo, Yahoo UI, Prototype, jQuery, and MooTools.

Mootools is a javascript framework designed to simplify the javascript programmer (intermediate to advanced level) in developing complex javascript program. Mootools has many extensions that are not only use to change the element properties, but also has a property ‘morph’ or ‘tween’ which allows them to create a lot of animation effects.
To download the mootools framework, please visit at
Or if you want to see the demo and the workings of the mootools, you can check at

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