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Jigoshop is the Fastest Solution for Your Online Store


Easily build ecommerce website

Easy solution for all e-commerce players is also comes from Jigoshop. Jigoshop is a free WordPress awesome plugin to make good quality online store. Jigoshop provides complete control to manage inventory, coupon codes, and calculation of shipping costs. Jigoshop also supports multiple currencies, including dollars, supports payments through PayPal and so on. In sum, it offers complete features for online stores.

If you visit official website here, you’ll find fun information about Jigoshop. It has created plugins for e-commerce since many years ago, almost simultaneously with all popular e-commerce platforms in the world.

On August 26, 2011, Joost de Valk, the creator of WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, writes down the information on You can follow his opinion there, news related between WooCommerce, WooThemes and Jigoshop. But whatever it is, we need to talk Jigoshop amazing advantages and proper to use by anyone.

Jigoshop amazing advantages

Many were using Jigoshop plugin for their online stores. This plugin is easy to use by anyone, including newbie in online business. If you are a newbie you can run a WordPress blog, then you will be able to create quality online store with Jigoshop.

  • Set up is only in minutes
  • Very easy product categorization, and easy post similar product offerings. Grouping product varies so easy with a great view
  • Easily manage stock products in dashboard
  • Charming display templates
  • Good looking for visitors
  • Several payment gateway and easy to apply
  • Quick and easy Checkout process
  • Very easy detailed reports for incoming orders, sortable sales graph on dashboard
  • Jigoshop plugin can works to help you optimize your online store
  • You can take Jigoshop templates and plugin for free, and there is also premium templates if you want to develop it into more professional webstores
  • Anyone can use Jigoshop to create an online store, easily, without the need for web programming skills and expert in coding
  • There are many Jigoshop guides which can be downloaded for free
  • Anyone can ask to Admin Support at if experiencing difficulties in using Jigoshop

jigoshop free ecommerce plugin

How to install Jigoshop for e-commerce 2013

Until today, there have been thousands of bloggers or online store owners around the world using Jigoshop. Many testimonies on the internet claim that Jigoshop is easy to use by anyone who already understands WordPress blog setup in general. Of course do not need to understand the complexity of web programming or HTML and CSS coding. All you have to do is:

1. Free download Jigoshop plugin in install through your WordPress dashboard/

2. Activate the plugin through as usual.

3. Proceed according to your needs.

Once you have installed this plugin on your WordPress blog, you will definitely understand the sequel. Try to note the following screenshot:

Before installing Jigoshop, please consider these:

-      WordPress version 3.3 or greater

-      PHP version 5.2.4 or greater

-      MySQL version 5.0 or greater

-      Understand the mod_rewrite Apache module (for permalinks)

-      Understand some payment gateways require fsockopen support (for IPN access)

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