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WooCommerce, Most Simple and Elegant Choice without Wasting Time

how to install woocommerce

E-Commerce website does not have to be fancy and complicated

Among the discussion of e-commerce development today, WooCommerce comes into the spotlight as one of the online store application to be reckoned with. This is because WooCommerce displays little things on online store display that actually not considered by other platforms. What is it?

It is about the benefits of WooCommerce than other e-commerce web applications, like Magento, Joomla + Virtuemart, Prestashop, OpenCart, ZenCart, and Shopify. Before talking about WooCommerc farther, better I admit that it is among the first platforms I mentioned above, Prestashop, Shopify, OpenCart has similarities with WooCommerce in providing free templates that already have quality features and able to support the work of online shop. Features that owned had been able to invite all the admiration from e-commerce players, without having to buy a developer version that has to pay several hundred dollars a month or once huge payment.

Well, let’s discuss further.


Benefits of WooCommerce

  • You can get a free version in many display options and features
  • All WooCommerce template can be used in WordPress blogs
  • WooCommerce ccript code can be modified as needed
  • There are many free guides on the internet about modifying WooCommerce  script code
  • WooCommerce also provides several free plugins to support e-commerce websites
  • All WooCommerce plugin can be downloaded through archive, usual activation, and ] easy to edit CSS code
  • Easy navigation using WordPress
  • Fast loading with a variety of features that can be added and subtracted easily
  • Easily added user currencies
  • Can be added shipping rate for each region in user’s country
  • Easily remove the inherent features and add features as desired
  • Look simple but elegant, uncomplicated, convenient views, easy navigation, fast checkout
  • Easily integrated with a variety of social media
  • Good security
  • Reporting valid
  • Intricate tax & shipping options
  • Comprehensive Store Management
  • Support easy marketing and promotion
  • SEO friendly

How to install WooCommerce

It is part of the most commonly asked questions by newbies. But of course this is not very difficult considering WooCommerce already integrates with WordPress and easily modifiable.


Download the template in


Support your blog with WooCommerce plugin, download it here or from the dashboard


Do (as your need), such as:

  • Add currency you use in ‘functions.php file’
  • Add cities in your state in ‘functions.php file’
  • Eliminate descriptions and product reviews on file ‘functions.php’
  • Add a new tab on the product page in the file ‘functions.php’
  • Add WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin if you want to give discounts to every member who logged on their page
  • Add plugin Table Rate Shipping to make the check delivery per gram
  • And much more

Basically, you can do lot modifications on WooCommerce if you at least understand a little about HTML and CSS coding in WordPress.

  • mrbambang

    This will be great if next version of Biggest News theme integrated / fully compatible with WooCommerce, BBPress and BuddyPress :)

    • dalihsusilo

      Thank you for your feed back.

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