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Prestashop, the Sweetest E-Commerce Platform You’ve Ever Known


Prestashop is superior in appearance

It is a fact, Prestashop does have an edge on delivering e-commerce web display that simple but sweet. Prestashop created by a group of programmers from Paris in August 2007. At first this app for online store only supports French and English languages. A few months after the creation (and after use by the manufacturer), finally Prestashop supports 13 popular languages in the world along with some office features online.

If you’re choosing platform for e-commerce, whether you will choose Magento, ZenCart, Shopify, OpenCart, Joomla + Virtuemart, or else, I think it is not necessary because it will waste your time. Each has advantages and disadvantages, especially considering that Magento is expensive. It is a more expensive application should have the capability and better features. But that doesn’t mean the cheaper does not have an edge. As Prestashop, it has many advantages that make e-commerce players fall in love. In fact, this is freeware, where anyone can download it for free, but if you want the paid version you’ll get based on your budget.

Prestashop advantages loved by its users

I have to be honest that Prestashop does have a lot of advantages beneficial to our webstores. Here are Prestashop advantages:

  1. Due to this is open source, then you can see its code and modify its code with ease
  2. Fast loading both when accessing homepage or when switching pages and transactions
  3. Prestashop is safe, proved from the support for SSL, front office and back office login with encrypted passwords, encrypted passwords in the database, safe from hacker and cracker attacks whom usually using methods of XSS, CSRF, SQL injections, distant inclusions, path transversal and (even if you do SQL injection and XSS), a unique and encrypted cookies, able to block excessive repetition of the password (if the user forgot password), etc.
  4. Rich features, such as the 
  • Catalog, complete with categories subcategories, unlimited group attribute, product specifications, module watermarks, comments, settings complete product
  • Statistics, complete module
  • Customer, complete module
  • Order, status, management, promo discounts / vouchers, notes, offer gift wrapping services, etc.
  • Payment, complete modules, easy to set up payment method with user’s currency
  • Shipping, complete modules, etc.
  • Language, the standard supports 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish; can add unlimited languages, online translation tool
  • Local, currency settings, tax settings, time zone
  • SEO friendly
  • Modular theme, easily modified, compatible with many browsers, etc.
  • Modular Add-on
  • Great Support Prestashop Forum

prestashop platform

Prestashop 2013

Until this year, through the official website,, stating that Prestashop has 310+ amazing features and 2000+ modules and templates, and powering 130,000 online stores worldwide. This fact seems to indicate that many use Prestashop. Maybe at first because it is available in a free version that remains powerful, not least with other platforms paid. PrestaShop’s open-source e-commerce solution is used in 150 countries and translated into 56 languages. It is WOW!

Here is update information of Prestashop written on Softaculous official website.

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