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OsCommerce Comes to Join to the eCommerce Struggle


Is there any free e-commerce web application on the internet?

The question has been answered by the presence of OsCommerce in front of us. This is a fun innovation when most online store management software program must be obtained by paying tens of dollars per month or even thousands of dollars once purchased, OsCommerce is here to help newbies in internet business. Why? Because OsCommerce understands that newbies in the internet business which requires an application to create online stores often constrained by the cost and want to save on costs. So naturally, OsCommerce is able to determine the needs of businesses for those who want to save money.

OsCommerce created in 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon in Germany. Since 2008, OsCommerce claimed that the application has been used by as many as 14,000 live websites around the world.

We understand that OsCommerce stands for ‘Opensource Commerce’. This is an e-commerce or online store management software program. OsCommerce can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed which is available as free software under the GNU General Public License. Many testimonials from users, bloggers who build online stores, as well as people who develop their business with internet marketing recognizes that this powerful application can create an online store. Because this is open source so this application you can it free, for template and webstore with usual standard features as needed. However, if you want more advanced version, you can contact order to conduct e-commerce web development with professional OsCommerce and you need to spend some money.

oscommerce platform

Benefits of OsCommerce

When blogger capability ranges were growing and able to make template for their own websites and for all purposes complete with advanced features, sometimes the need for e-commerce is a little different. Web e-commerce, if it has been talked about a professional online storefront with easy navigation, fast loading, rich in useful features, support connection sharing with various social media, and online services that connect smoothly, then the application specifically to make web stores needed. OsCommerce is able to meet these needs.

We all realize how much harder for WordPress users to switch to another platform, they love WordPress and want it in all their web-based. Today many template designers are able to create template for online stores with great features. However, if you want to display it look more convincing and maintain the reputation of a serious business, then OsCommerce is able to answer. OsConmerce can be mated with other open source CMS such as WordPress, phpBB, v.bulletin, image gallery and others. Wow ..! This is certainly fun, considering the ease of WordPress setup and has a lot of people are familiar with it.

How to installing OsCommerce

This application is easy to use by anyone. If you already have this free version, you can see the demo on Os Commerce official website at, and then install it as easily as installing applications to the template. If you also need some special instructions, you can find many guides that have been free shared on the internet. The following description is based on a review of OsCommerce in

  • August 15, 2012: osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.3 version
  • Category : E-Commerce
  • Version : 2.3.3
  • Views : 15750 Views
  • Ratings : 4.377 out of 5
  • Votes : 273 Votes
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