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WP Mass Mailer Plugin Helps Your Marketing Work

wp mass mailer

Sending mass email to visitors who left comments

One of blogging activity, especially if it needs to increase visitor traffic, is to give useful information to the visitors. This is an interactive way you as the owner of blog to your visitors. This can be done through many ways, what is important is how your information can obtain by people who visit or who has visited your blog. Of course, you need to contact them. Maybe not all your blog visitors typed their emails in the subscriber box or sign up on your blog, but at least they left a comment on your blog page, so you can get their email. Well, you can use WP Mass Mailer plugin.

WP Mass Mailer Plugin features:

  • Import emails from CSV files or any DB.
  • Import emails from commenters.
  • Export emails to file
  • Integrated visual editor.
  • Split sending into potions (for example 100 mails per hour).
  • Widgets and shortcodes for user subscribtion.
  • Uses native wp_mail() function, which allow you to configure the mail sending function of WP with what plugin you want.
  • And Much More

What are the benefits of WP Mass Mailer Plugin?


This plugin is able to send emails to all your WordPress commenter, registered user and the specified post’s comments effectively. This plugin has several features that will help inform bloggers in informing their subscribers, members, and commenter massively and quickly. When you post new useful content, make sure that the information is actually sent to all incoming email to your blog. It may be and of course they need the information you publish on your blog.

If your blog is for ecommerce, WP Mass Mailer plugin will greatly help promote your products and services. This plugin is free downloaded at archives, so you will save costs in building ecommerce websites that do not need expensive plugin shopping. Marketing online will be free of mind, and this is a sensible way of promoting a courteous, ethical, and you can submit your hospitality in their email. Subscribers, members, and commenter are prospective customers for your business. Perhaps even they could be your next business partner.

For bloggers who plays affiliate, open an online store, bulk email sender plugin like this is very effective. Develop a marketing business with a reliable and not meant to be expensive, spend some money to advertise, etc.. The world has increasingly facilitated our activities, billions of people read emails every day around the world, this is a great promotional goals!

For a personal blog? Of course, all come back to you what you can tell to to others. For an email every few days, it will not bother them unless you send them bad quality information too often.

How do I install WP Mass Mailer plugin

It’s easy; you just need to download it for free at You will find the installation guide there, click on each tab Description, Installation, FAQ, Screenshots, Changelog, Stats, Support, Reviews and Developers, maybe you need its detail information. Codecanyon Website sells WP Mass Mailer plugin paid version, you can buy it through this link (not an affiliate link) and it cost $14. What about the features of the paid plugin? For more details you can contact Codecanyon Admin Support.

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