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Optimize Your WordPress Blog using WP Optimize Plugin!

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How to optimize WordPress blog

Every newbie definitely ask about how to optimize WordPress blog easily and without need to understand about HTML Code. It is true, do little editing on WordPress blog if it has to go through its Stylesheet with HTML code will be very difficult for those who do not have coding skills. In fact, understanding on how to optimize blog with ease is depend on where you want your blog to be better. But if you want your blog to perform better on all sides, then of course you need to understand a little more problems on your blog. If you already understand the problems in your blog, then you will be easier to find a solution. And WP Optimize plugin exists to be your solution to optimize WP blog.

WP Optimize Plugin has long existed to help bloggers optimize their blogs. The bloggers around the world have been using this plugin for a trouble-free of problems on blogs. Many newbie in blogging are having trouble when more than one error arises from within the WordPress dashboard. However, all error can be overcome with just the help of plugin. Not to worry, all the plugins that already exist in the archive are safe to use, all have been tested by WordPress team.

When you post good quality articles, regularly publishes articles on the blog every day, set Onpage good SEO, then you will need a WP Optimize Plugin to optimize performance of your WP blog. This plugin is more than just speed up web pages loading. And the plugin will not take up much of your hosting capacity.

wp optimize plugin wordpress

Benefits of WP Optimize plugin

  1. clean and optimize SQL database WordPress blog without logging into MySQL database or Admin
  2. help clear all revisions posts (a blog to be lighter and faster)
  3. requires only a small capacity in hosting
  4. delete all the spam comments or comments that have not been approved with just one click
  5. optimizing databases and perform compression space to create a blog to be faster and more efficient
  6. can change the name of the account to the new account name, without having to create a new user name and delete the old user name through menu user profile (WordPress does not allow us to change the username, but the default username admin, often a security issue in WordPress blog. With WP-Optimize we can change the admin account and making all the posts, comments, and objects connected with the new account)

 How to install WP Optimize plugin

This plugin can be downloaded free of charge at It should be noted that this plugin only works in the minimum WordPress version 2.7 or greater.

In order to more easily and quickly, you can download this plugin directly through the tab menu in WordPress Plugin – Add New. Once you enable it you can do simply setting on the plugin.

1. Click on the WP Optimize menu option on the Dashboard.

2. Select the action you want to do.

  • Remove all Post revisions, will remove all revisions stored in the database
  • Clean marked Spam comments, will remove all comments that Spam labeled. Therefore you should make sure all comments are spam and you want to remove it all then click “Review spams”.
  • Clean unapproved comments, will remove all comments that we do not agree.
  • Optimize Database Tables, will optimize the database tables indicated by the WP-Optimize WP-Optimize [ caption id="attachment_1542" align="aligncenter" width="377" caption="Wp-Optimize d"]Wp-Optimized [/caption ]. Security Tools, to change the username account of WordPress blog. For example, from “admin” to “administrator”.

3. Click the “Process”.

Once completed, the WP Optimize plugin will give a report of how much your database successfully optimized. Well, it’s so easy, right?

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