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How to Speed up Page Load Speed with W3 Total Cache Plugin

w3 total cache plugin

The importance of page load speed

If I ask, what do you like: slow or fast loading page? Of course you prefer a fast page load, right? Accessing fast loading page is all internet users want. This is not a problem with newest fast modem or your great internet connection, but the problem is also in the quality of your website. Currently there are many website templates that support fast loading, but of course it’s not the only factor that can display fast loading pages. Using much plugins also determine page load speed.

W3 Total Cache plugin created to help speed up the loading of web pages. This plugin is a free WordPress plugin that works and powerful. This plugin has a function as a manager of Cache on the web. With the help of this plugin web pages speed access can be brought forward, by minimize the query load and compress multiple script from the website to be smaller in size so that a website becomes faster accessed.

W3 Total Cache plugin will also provide comfort to the web users by improving server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. When web pages appear faster, visitors feel comfortable access, they were delighted, and the visitors can stay longer reading the articles on your website, and one day love to go back again to your website. As a result, your website traffic will increase. Is this all for a website? Let us note the benefits of this plugin.

Benefits of W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress site

  1. Able to improve the overall performance of the web
  2. Able to increase the conversion rate and the performance of the site that could affect web ranking in Google SERP
  3. Being able to instantly display the next page
  4. Render optimized progressive
  5. Able to improve the performance of web server
  6. Being able to save on bandwidth usage by up to 80%
  7. Because fast loading web pages, visitors love to stay longer on the site, potentially gaining increased visitor traffic

w3 total cache plugin settings

How to set W3 Total Cache properly

However, wrong in installing W3 Total Cache will not make website more quickly accessible but instead create an error. You can also reprimanded by hosting parties for too much CPU resource usage because it was taken in wrong plugin installation.

Follow these right settings:

1. General Settings

    Page Cache = checked

    Minify = unchecked

    Data Base Cache = unchecked

    Object Cache = unchecked

    Browser Cache = checked

    CDN to bottom = unchecked

2. Page Cache

    Cache home page = checked

    Cache feeds = checked

    Cache SSL (https) requests = unchecked

    Cache URIs with query string variables = unchecked

    Cache requests only for hostname = checked

    Don’t cache pages for logged in users = checked

NB: others all set to default

3. Minify

    Rewrite URL structure = unchecked

    HTML and XML = checked ‘Enable’

    JS = checked ‘Enable’

    CS = unchecked

4. Database Cache

    Set to Default

5. Object Cache

    Set to Default

6.  Browser Cache

    Set expires header = checked

    Set cache control header = checked

    Set entity tag (eTag) = checked

    Set W3 Total Cache header = checked

    Enable HTTP (gzip) compression = checked

    Prevent caching of objects after settings change = unchecked

    Do not process 404 errors for static objects with WordPress = unchecked

NB: CSS and JS and others all set to default

Hopefully now you can know more about W3 Total Cache plugin and its benefits to speed up your site page load.

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