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Simple 301 Redirects Plugin: Well Done for Your Redirecting Requests!

simple 301 redirects plugin

Simple 301 Redirects plugin is the best wordpress plugin to redirect visitors to post on what he was looking at the website. For example, a visitor looking for a post X, but for some reason X is experiencing post URL structure changed. If this is allowed, it is possible the visitor will not find postings X. If a website owner installed Simple 301 Redirects plugin in his WordPress blog, visitors will keep enjoying a post that he was looking for.

For example, format for the query (visitors looking for) is ‘’, the URL of the page has been changed to ‘’, then you need a WordPress plugin Simple 301 Redirect to do this. Continue reading.

Simple 301 Redirects Plugin Review

Did you know that the plugin has been proven to be beneficial to thousands if not millions of blog owners all over the world? Simple 301 Redirect plugin is very easy to use and able to assist the work of WordPress blog owners very well. so do not be surprised if this plugin gets rating 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Wow! This means that this is your favorite plugin and it works! So, in the words of its creator, the plugin Simple 301 Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. The latest version of this plugin today is 1.03. To download this plugin you can visit

Benefits of Simple 301 Redirects plugin in WordPress blog

You cannot just move its URL, you will lose the benefits of SEO that have owned by pages on the old directory. Old pages that have been indexed search engine will be lost, while current search engines find new pages, it may almost be considered duplicate content. The old pages also may have gotten a lot of references in the form of links from other websites that the benefits would be lost due to this movement.

The tips you can use is by apply redirect, redirecting visitors to the old page into the new page. But we all know that search engines do not like the redirection. Is this true? Apparently not. There is redirect which is loved by search engine named Redirect 301, which is the most important corrective action when we have to relocate the content. But to be search engine friendly, how to use it must be right.

simple 301 redirects wp plugin

This is the safe way of redirecting. Search engines will only follow redirect if it is explicitly stated that the redirection status is 301.

Using Simple 301 Redirect plugin, not just about the crawler that would follow, Google, and other search engines may also, will move the rank held old pages to new pages. So if the old page has had good grades, with 301 Redirect Google ranking will move to the new page, so in the SERP new page will appear replacing the old page. Awesome!

However, if no Redirect 301, old pages will remain perched on the SERP get rid of it because the search engine crawlers to report redirect on its last visit. While the new pages crawl back from the beginning, that if you do not deal with the problem of duplicate content if search engines still keep the old content in its database. So, you have to use a 301 Redirect to the right. So, use Simple 301 Redirects plugin as best solution for your WordPress blog.

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