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Really Simple Captcha Plugin for Securing Your WordPress Login

really simple captcha

Really Simple Captcha plugin is recommended plugin for an easy securing your WordPress login account. It seems simple but actually it is very useful. An ecommerce business becomes useless when the website is broken only by the act of hackers and crackers or a robot that is used to break into WordPress login password. Who would have thought a light way that you do not think it could harm your website: penetrate your login. Have you ever been experienced? Losing access to your WordPress or suddenly find your website broken? When a technology created basically men also can create its enemies at the same time. Have you ever heard of brute force?

A brute force attack makes you lose your login

I will explain the benefits of Really Simple Captcha plugin once you understand this:

Brute force is a technique most widely used to crack passwords, keys, codes or combinations. The working of this very simple method is to try all possible combinations. Such a brute force characteristic, this method is guaranteed to find a solution. But the question is when a solution will be found and how much memories needed until a solution is found.

In years ago when the concept of computer network newly introduced security problems has not been a serious concern. But now where almost all the world’s computers are connected to the Internet, security becomes a serious problem. Because once our computer connected to the internet, certain people in the world can access our data that are sensitive from a great distance. With the brute force method, all passwords or encrypted email can be penetrated. This method tries all possible characters as password or key of an encryption algorithm. But the question is how long the actual password revealed or how much memory is needed to do trial and error for days or even months.

Brute force attack uses exhaustive trial and error method to find a legitimate authentication. Brute force attack is a method to look for legal authentication of a user. Authentication is the process to determine the true of false of a user from what he has stated. Authentication is usually done by matching the user name and password. Knowledge of its users about passwords is an effective way to determine whether the user is really user stated. Each user has a valid password listed at an administrator. By using a brute force attack, hacker or cracker tries all possible character combinations to guess the password of a legitimate user. Hacker or cracker uses such a brute force application named CrackJack, try all the possibilities that exist to guess the user name and password. Such applications can use the database password or a dictionary to determine the combination that is used to guess the user name and password of a legitimate user. Brute force method is not always used to guess the user name and password pair. The method can also be used to guess the session ID is visible in the URL.

really simple captcha plugin

The benefits of Really Simple Captcha WordPress plugin

This is a plugin developed by Takayuki Miyoshi, creator of Contact Form 7. This plugin can be downloaded free of charge at Every time you log into your Wordress blog, you will need to enter the code that appears on the side of a box into the box provided. At least, this could prevent cases of brute force on a WordPress blog.

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