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Benefits of Google Analytic for WordPress Site

benefits of google analytics

The importance of understanding the blog activity

Google Analytic for WordPress is one of the free tools provided by Google to determine the activity on your blog from Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, until Page per visit. Until now, a lot of bloggers have integrated their Gmail with their blog for Google Analytic. So it can be said to be complete. However, Google Analytic cannot be displayed in the form of statistics widget like most of the currently existing free stats widgets scattered on the internet. Today many stats widget providers such as live traffic feeds,, newcounter,,,, w3stats and statistical features in Blogspot dashboard. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Default statistics on itself has the disadvantage that only displays ten rows, description of the data in the form of post, number and origin of visitors and traffic sources. Unlike Google Analytics stat which is so complete. And specifically the using Google Analytics is only email accounts owner and blog owner who knows and can access it.

Knowing the activity that occurs on your blog is very important. If your blog is for ecommerce, then you definitely need to know the development of your business popularity in the eyes of internet users. If you are the owner of webstores, you will need to know how many visitors each day and from which region so you can estimate potential sales and profit to be had. If you are PPC players, Google Analytic should be integrated with your Gmail account and blog to find out traffic pageviews and clicks. Google algorithm update frequently cannot guess, at least you can see how much traffic your blog is down or up when after a Google update. Or personal blog, it’s no problem; of course you need to know how many possibilities there are people who care about the opinions and expressions of your mind there.

google analytics benefits

How to use Google Analytic for WordPress blogs

  1. Log in to your Gmail account, then
  2. Continue on another tab open, it will automatically redirect if your Gmail account has opened, or you need to put your Gmail username and password if it doesn’t open yet
  3. Click the Admin Tab
  4. Click the ‘Register Account’ at the top left corner
  5. Fill your website data a complete suit to your time zone
  6. You will get a Tracking Code, then:

-      Go to ‘Appearance’ tab, click ‘Editor’, click ‘header.php’, press CTRL + F search box appears in the lower left corner then type </ body>, paste the HTML code that you get on Google Analytic dashboard before the </ body>, or

-      Install the plugin All in One SEO Webmasters, at Tab plugin settings you can fill Google Analytic Tracking Code in the field provided, and then Save. If using this plugin, then you do not need to copy and paste the HTML code into heder.php. Done, your blog is integrated with Google Analytic.

  1. Save
  2. Control the daily traffic to your website

Benefits of using Google analytics for WordPress

  1. You can see how many times your post seen by visitors and the duration of their visit
  2. You can understand the progress of your SEO techniques to influence your website traffic
  3. You can calculate the potential advantage by seeing the traffic visiting your blog
  4. You can learn the strategy of what to do to from seeing the achievement of results statistically
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