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Creating Google Rich Snippets for WordPress with Schema Creator Plugin

google rich snippets

The importance of Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets is one thing that should happen to your blog if you want your blog get good SERP in Google’s eyes. Not all bloggers success in creating snippets for their each post. Many bloggers bother trying a variety of techniques to increase ranking of his blog in Google SERP, many of them were successful, but many also fail. Many bloggers rely on many articles published every day and doing PPC to attract visitors. Many have taken the trouble to book link building services after the finished article was published. And all we do when blogging can actually control early by ourselves.

Schema Creator for Google Rich Snippets

Schema Creator WordPress Plugin is a plugin that will help you work as Google Rich Snippets testing tool when publishing articles. Thus, an indication of the quality of post in Google’s eyes is visible on Google Rich Snippets. Therefore, you need to install this Schema Creator plugin on your WordPress blog. This plugin creates each scheme in your blog when you will publish an article. So you can say this is the sort of Google Rich Snippet tool, a tool to help us see our blog appearance in Google or in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) in which it is a Google page showing search results. For example like this:

For example a title of your blog is “ | Blogger Tutorial, Computer, and Free Download ” then when searched on Google with the keywords “” it will display the result in your blog homepage with URL: “www. “. How can you tell? With Google Rich Snippets Schema Creator tool like this you will know it. For example, when you want to put a profile picture on the Google search results page which is accompanied by star rating, when you set it up, photos and star rating will not immediately appear in the Google SERP, it took a matter of weeks or even months. Owhh .. You definitely cannot wait, right? Definitely. So how to check that the installation photos and star rating had been successful so quickly? The answer, of course is Schema Creator WordPress Plugin.

schema creator wordpress plugin

This plugin will show the actual display of our blog in Google page in accordance with the arrangements we make. Such as we make the star rating, the star rating will appear only on Google SERP, if we make Google+ profile picture, then it shows profile photo along with the title and URL of the blog. If we make the star rating and profile picture, then they will appear on the page SERP. Awesome, isn’t it? Schema Creator helps you create properly formatted microdata, focuses on the most popular schemas, Including Person, Product, Event, Organization, Movie, Book and Review.

How to use the Schema Creator WordPress Plugin

Schema Creator WordPress Plugin is created by Raven, and can be downloaded at, or:

  1. The plugin is open source and can be downloaded directly from WordPress at
  2. After you install and activate the plugin, there will be a Schema Creator icon next to the Add Media icon above the editor.
  3. Click on the Schema Creator icon to bring up a modal window with a list of supported schema types – choose the schema type – fill in the input fields – click on the Insert button to add it to your page or post.
  4. The plugin creates shortcode, which keeps the schema data from breaking in the Visual editor. It also allows you to edit the schema data without having to start over again.
  5. When you publish the page or post, it will output the correct microdata

Hopefully by reading this article, now you can know the importance of Google Rich Snippets and how to create it easily with Schema Creator Plugin.

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