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Disqus Comment System To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Easily

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Do you know about Disqus Comment System? And are you looking for ways how to increase traffic to your blog easily? Blog and visitors are two things that cannot be separated, unless you wish your blog silent with no visits. A blog will be known to others as a blog that has a purpose during the visit. Visitors are an important factor in the value of the blog. The visitors in large numbers have always been the aim of the author and blog owner. With high traffic, page rank and domain ranking can be improved, the information would be submitted achieved, many people see your ad, come sales, etc.. So, no visitors alike there is no blog.

Using Disqus Comment System to increase traffic to your blog with ease

This is an easy way to increase the number of visits to your blog. When everyone else is busy with a variety of tools and bot generator, buy visitors and advertise services, technical commentary is a clever way to tie visitors to your blog. Any internet user who got the information on a blog post and he liked it, he could have easily commented according to social media or apps he uses. Many of comments are just from a social media course. Sometimes blogger also posted comments that require visitors to type in captcha – a specific code to identify that you are not a robot – it’s annoying, they only want to leave a comment. Once visitors get annoyed with comments procedure, they could have gone out of your blog. However, not so with Disqus Comment System, this system is really great!

Nowadays, a lot of bloggers around the world use this comment system from Disqus. What is this? This is a plugin that you can install on your WordPress blog. Disqus plugin is free to install from the archive or directly from the website Each visitor can easily leave a comment in the comments field provided by Disqus accordance with the application or social media he was wearing. Easy, isn’t it?

How to use the Disqus Comment System?

disqus comment system

As I mentioned above, you can get it free through the plugin archives or Disqus official website. This is not a paid plugin, you do not need to waste money. However, this only plugin for WordPress self-hosting, it could not be used for free from platform.

If your plugin is installed and you have enabled on your WordPress dashboard, then you have to register on the Disqus website immediately. Click “Details” on the tab options button in the “Comment” on your WordPress dashboard. You will be taken to the Disqus official website. Just click on the link “(do not have a Disqus Profile yet?)” which is located next to the username field. Then you will   be taken to the Disqus registration page. At registration, you can register through your Twitter account, Facebook, or Google email account.

Once the registration process is complete, you will be taken to the Disqus dashboard. To add a blog, click on the “register a site” on the upper left side of the bar, so there is registration for our blog. Fill all with right. Then select a blog platform – Disqus plugin already installed in your blog – fill in the username and password that you created earlier. Done, easy, right? If your blog already has a previous comment, you can export the comments from the default WordPress commenting system to Disqus Comment System, so you do not lose communication with the visitors of your blog earlier.

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