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What is Better WP Security Plugin?

better wp security plugin

Understand the importance of WordPress security

As the development of CMS, support blogging software, plugins to help performance, etc., the security threats were also increasing. It is quite often the owner of an ecommerce website being harmed thousands of dollars due to piracy passwords, bloggers often impaired hacking on his blog, etc.. This is very disturbing. The website is broken, this is suffered. However, do not worry, in fact all of it can be prevented. We can save our website prior to the disastrous catastrophe that causes us to bear the great loss. We need to install a security plugin in our blogs.

Better WP Security Plugin is one of free plugins that are useful for maintaining the security of website from brute force. This plugin is one of the Best WordPress Security Plugin in the world. Now, let’s discuss further.

Better WP Security Plugin Functions

better wp security wordpress plugin

With the rise of websites theft cases, website account takeover by anonymous, to the destruction of a website, then plugins that can secure website of destruction experiment were made. You will find a lot of website security plugins that can be downloaded free of charge either through the manufacturer’s website and in its WordPress plugins archives through One of the most widely recommended by bloggers is Better WP Security Plugin. This plugin works in improving your WordPress security from hacker attacks, saying that there is an activity intruder who want to break into your WordPress and told the action via email.

There have been many cases of broken WordPress blog and it took months for its recovery. Therefore, it can be anticipated with the best security plugin installed in WordPress. After you install it, do not forget to click the “Allow this plugin to change the WordPress core files” through the Security tab on the left of dashboard. Then you need to apply its settings. In this setting, you can limit the number of login trials to your site, so that way if there are other people who experiment with a variety of user login and password, the system will block them after they have input error several times. You can decide how many times the number of login attempts that may be made.

So, Better WP Security function is to prevent the occurrence of Brute Force on WordPress website. Brute Force is an attempt to crack the password code by software that uses a combination of techniques.

We found that day by day there were cases of hacking and cracking harming the owner of the website, whether government websites, large business websites, ecommerce websites of individuals, to a personal website. These nosy people sometimes have a specific purpose, but often they do so without a specific purpose, just for fun.

Understanding hackers and crackers

better wp security plugin review

Hacker is a professional programmer who will bother a computing system that is perceived as his challenge of his desire. A hacker regard the protection of computer systems is a challenge, they will figure out how to penetrate the passwords, firewalls, access-key and so on. Even so hackers can be divided into two classes, white hat and black hat.

Crackers are people who penetrate the defense and security of computer systems only to destroy, seek personal advantage and disadvantage computer system owners. Black Hat hacker can actually be categorized as cracker. Hackers and Crackers are both still perform actions that violate the rules that penetrate the defense and security of computer systems owned by others without permission.

Well, do not forget, use Better WP Security Plugin so everything will be better.

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