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Benefits of Plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

plugin wordpress seo by yoast

Preview for plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

Until now, what is WordPress plugin you use for SEO optimization? Did you use SEO by Yoast? Great, if you’re already using this powerful WordPress plugin. Currently, most bloggers around the world choose to use SEO plugin by Yoast as free but useful plugin to optimize SEO for WordPress blogs they are able to increase visitor traffic blog. This free plugin can be downloaded anytime, anywhere via the website of manufacturer in or via WordPress dashboard of your blogs. Absolutely, Yoast is a specialist manufacturer WordPress plugins which are very useful. Plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast is just one of several great plugins made by Yoast team.

Deeper discussion on SEO by Yoast

They said, “Why we do not support old versions of WordPress.” For those of you who watched the development of WordPress update has certainly made several updates as requested by the WordPress team. Updates are always rewarding to close all possible loopholes WordPress ruined by parties who are not responsible. Then, if you ever encounter a blog plugin cannot work after you do update WordPress? Absolutely, there are many plugins that ultimately is not supported for use in old WordPress, including this Plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.

wordpress seo by yoast

SEO Plugin by Yoast only supports WordPress 3.3 or greater. Currently, the latest series of this superb plugin for onpage SEO optimization series is 1.4.3. Yoast team consisting of experts in plugin creation for WordPress dedicated the plugin free to all bloggers who need more attention to SEO Onpage.

With regard onpage SEO, we will have possibility to get more blog visitors targeted and appropriate keywords that we shoot. Usually we have determined post title, its keyword, marking keywords in article, giving title and alt-text on the picture, and internal linking between pages. And it becomes more optimal if you use this SEO plugin by Yoast.

When you write articles, you will be able to optimize your SEO targets by filling some columns below the box writes provided by this plugin. After focusing on keyword, you should pay attention to make it more attractive permalink. WordPress SEO by Yoast also provide it. You can change the structure and make it more SEO. For permalink structure of Archive, SEO by Yoast has built it with the attribute rel = “next” and rel = “prev” to show its functioning Archive page of our website.

Perfection of Plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

In fact, we can say that SEO plugin by Yoast is perfect plugin for your SEO needs. It has Perfect XML Sitemap that can help you create a sitemap perfectly. With this you do not need to install a new plugin to create a XML Sitemap. It provides notification to several major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact it is able to display images in posts to the sitemap.

Another goodness we can get is on RSS Optimization, Breadcumb (greatly aid navigation by visitors and assist indexing by search engines), Edit. Htccess and Robots.txt (steady), Social Networking Integration (Facebook OpenGraph), multisite support for WPMU (special), and the function of Export – Import from another SEO plugin, such as All in One SEO. Then it is not an exaggeration if we say plugins WordPress SEO by Yoast is perfect to increase visitor traffic to your blogs!

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