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“Halicia” Free Premium Business and Portfolio WordPress Theme Review

Halicia Business and Portfolio Wordpress Theme

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Hello everyone, Today Dalih have created a new wordpress theme for you :D . This theme is perfect for “Business, Portfolio, or just simple blog Websites”. Many features are included in this theme. Some features of this theme are as follows:
  • Compatible Cross all popular browser (IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla)
  • Header and footer script embed code via theme options
  • Unlimited background, color, and pattern
  • Support wordpress 3.0 menu
  • Added support icon for menu
  • Many shortcode to increase your design of page
  • Unique design in every page
  • Built in SEO
  • Slider in every pages and post (7 type of slider)
  • Contact form ajax
  • Two custom design blog page
  • 5 custom design of portfolio
  • Increasing typograpy and feature
  • 404 error page
  • Pricing box page
  • Service custom post
  • Testimonial support
  • Great theme documentation
  • Wonderfull and easy to use admin theme options
  • Uniqe layout design for pages and post
  • Simple slider options
  • User custom sidebar (Unilimited Sidebar)
  • Layout settings, slider, sidebar settings in every pages, post, and other custom post
  • Increasing wordpress standart widget (tag widget, category widget etc)
  • Video sidebar widget support
  • Twitter sidebar or footer widget support
  • Translation Ready
  • Wordpress 3.2.1+ Ready
  • Visual shortcodes
Actually there are many more features of this theme. For more details you can see the details with click button details theme bellow. Hope you happy using this theme and willing to give donations to keep me stay alive. I love you all.

Details and Download Theme

Update Changelog

- v1.1 : Fixed minor bug
- v1.0 : Initial release

Are you have any questions related to the Halicia theme? Please don't hesitate ask to us relevant questions. We will very pleasure to give you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

Note: we only monitor your question in this place. If you ask your question anywhere else, we do not guarantee you will get an answer from us. Currently we are in the process of transfer all comment to the Disqus comment system. So may be some old questions have not been fully imported. We hope you can understand. Thank you very much.

  • Monica

    A perfect theme, covering all requirements. Design and layout is fantastic. Dalih  your work is appreciable. 

    • Dalih

      Thanks. I hope you happy. Have a nice day.

  • dhiksi

    themes are perfect, I love it
    may I use ..?

    • Dalih

      I will be love it if you use this theme. And I will be more happy if you willing to donate to me :D .

  • Tommy Saputra

    Brilliant; really fabulous; this one is looking awesome with classy designs, themes and patterns; using this theme on website make this simply rocking.

    • Dalih

      Your welcome. I hope you happy to use this theme. And willing give me a cup of coffe… because paypal donation button was stay in there. :)

  • Chahal

    Thanks for all the hard work that has gone in to produce this excellent theme.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Dalih

      Your welcome. Thanks.


    Very very GOOD!.. Thank You

  • Masbro

    Mantap sekali masbro…
    Bagus banget nih… Free lagi :)
    Dukung terus karya anak bangsa!!

  • bedbed

    Awesome…really like it
    but I had a little problem when use it…is there any mini tutor how to use / edit this theme…so I can get my site like your demo site…

    thank you before Dalih for this free theme :D

    • Dalih

      You can import all of sample post, page or anything via tools import.

      • bedbed

        Hi Dalih….
        thx for your reply….but I’ve try importing your “halicia.wordpress.2011-10-14.xml” data on my localhost.but everything is failed to import. can you help me please with this problem??

        • Dalih

          I have tried in my localhost, but everything is fine. no error.

          • Peter Nilsson

            Great looking WordPress Theme. Is it licensed under GPL?

      • Cinq

        How do I import import all of sample post, page, etc.

        • dalihsusilo

          You can import sample data “halicia.wordpress.2011-10-14.xml” via tools import. Thank you for your comment.

        • dalihsusilo

          You can use import tool. wp-admin/tools/import/
          Thank you.

  • Ben

    an amzing theme… is there a step by step tutorial to set it up exactly as in your demo and then overwrite the content?
    the import doesnt work.. seems like it isnt enough jsut to set up the theme and import the xml…


  • badday

    I did not receive that email for activation. Is anaother way to resend the activation email?

    • Dalih

      Please go to your theme options, and the email will send automatically. thanks.

      • Ahmet

        Please help me Dalih.
        I did not receive that e-mail for activation.
        I entered the theme settings over and over again even tough the theme does not e-mail. 
        Please help me Dalih.Please help me Dalih.Please help me Dalih.Please help me Dalih.Please help me Dalih.

        • Dalih

          I have activated your account. Thanks.

          • Cristian

            Hi, I have two problems:

            I don’t receive the activation email and i have tryed by many many times
            I can`t modify this theme for blogging. I would like to have it as a blog but seams to need a static page as index, not latest posts. How can be modifyed?

            Best regards

  • badday

    Thx, I thing the DNS is not full propagated. I’ll wait ’till tomorow.

  • adicahblora

    theme yang bagus mas…
    saya ikut memanfaatkannya ya..
    terima kasih atas kerja kerasnya,, semoga dapat balasannya yang baik.
    mau tanya : maksudnya diatas import sample data apa ya?? 

    • Agus Rendi Wijaya

      Mas, Dalih.. Salam kenal,
      Template-nya mantab, luar biasa. Saya suka banget template-nya dan pengen coba install dulu di localhost baru di taruh di hosting sebenarnya. Btw, saya coba install di localhost (dgn WordPress 3.2.1) kok error ya? Trus kalo yang di taruh di wp-admin/theme/ itu folder halicia yang kita download atau cukup folder halicia yang di theme/halicia-free (diekstrak dulu)? Maaf nich banyak tanya, masih banyak belajar.. :) Thanks ya atas jawabannya..

      • Dalih

        di ekstrak dulu mas. thanks.

        • orangbatak

          masbro, bisa ga footer link & copyrightnya di rubah? soalna themes ni bener2 mantab & kualitas markotop, kenapa ga di jual aja di ThemeForest mas?
          ane mau pake di site yang mau ane jadiin SEO Service mas, soalnya kalo ada Footer link ke web lain kan kurang bonafid di mata pengunjung dan calon client..

          just my 2 cent mastah, bila ada kesalahan, mohon di maafkan..

          • Dalih

            Yang Pro version juga ada kok mas dan footernya bisa di edit lewat theme options.

          • orangbatak

            waktu coba menginstall di dashboard wp saya, theme options tidak bisa dibuka katanya harus konfirmasi lewat email. tapi saya cek email udah berkali2 ga muncul jg mas, saya langsung install di dashboard blog saya tanpa localhost, & saya install di add-on domain. apa ini jg berpengaruh mas? thanks

          • Dalih

            Seharusnya tidak terjadi masalah mas karena saya juga menginstallnya di add-on domain. Tolong beri tahu saya email yang anda gunakan untuk mendaftar, saya akan segera mengeceknya di sini. terimakasih.

        • Agus

          Mas Dalih, ini syntax Error yang muncul ketika saya mencoba aktivasi template Halicia, kenapa ya? Trims atas infonya…

          ( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:wampwwwwww.tanmia-informatika.comwp-contentthemeshaliciafunctions.php on line 720
          Call Stack

          {main}( )

          require( ‘C:wampwwwwww.tanmia-informatika.comwp-blog-header.php’ )

          require_once( ‘C:wampwwwwww.tanmia-informatika.comwp-load.php’ )

          require_once( ‘C:wampwwwwww.tanmia-informatika.comwp-config.php’ )

          require_once( ‘C:wampwwwwww.tanmia-informatika.comwp-settings.php’ )

    • Dalih

      Amin mas :) import sample data di import melalui Menu->Tools Import

      • physical health

        Thanks for all the hard work that has gone in to produce this excellent theme.
        Keep up the good work.

  • adicahblora

    maaf mas.. ternyata theme nya banyak di batasinya..
    kalau mau yang pro untuk versi ini gmn caranya??
    soalnya di store gak ada??
    tak kirain benar benar free, terima kasih..

  • alfi

    wah featurenya premium semua.. knp digratiskan mas Galih? hehe..oh ya, kok logonya mirip ma minerva di themeforest ya? apa mas Galih pemilik mnerva yg di themeforest.. klo iya wah selamat deh.. hehe


    halo mas dalih… kok saya tidak bisa mendapatkan link aktivasi yaa… di email saya.. padahal sudah saya cek..

    di website saya.. setingan email.. saya arahkan email akun… tapi gak masuk kesitu…
    katanya masuk ke email hosting… saya cek juga gak ada… disana… solusi nya gimana yaa?

    • Dalih

      Saya sudah cek disini bahwa account anda sudah aktif.
      Theme: HALICIA

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        • Janaka

          I had a problem when its uploading. The following Message came,
          “Unpacking the package…
          Installing the theme…
          The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
          Theme install failed.”
          Please check this and let me know.


          • Dalih

            Please open .zip file and find .zip file of theme and you can install it. Thanks.

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  • ATravelling

    Your theme look not bad. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Gökay

    Dalih, I can’t get answer from you. I want to buy pro version of this theme. Could you give me more information or could we chat together ?

  • Willy

    Mas Dalih, bagaimana cara untuk setting atau menampilkan Recent Work (From Portfolio) di bagian homppage?
    ini punya saya masih blank 

  • Herbie

    Slm kenas mas, saya minta ijin untuk penggunaan template ini, ada yang saya tanyakan di halaman depan pada bagian Recent Work (From Portfolio) itu kosong yang ada tombol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 dan untuk mengisi nya gimana mas seperti pada web demo nya. Trus kalau saya membelinya kira2 harganya berapa ya? trus harus transfer kemana? dan kalau penggunaan tema PRO apakah dijamin seperti demonya mas, dan apakah nantinya dibantu dalam penggunaan templatenya. thanks mas kalau bisa di sms ke nomor saya ya 085 738 064 660

    • Dalih

      Ya mas nanti akan saya bantu dalam penggunaan templatenya. Pembayaran selain lewat paypal bisa lewat rekening mandiri. Terimakasih.

      • herbie

        Oke mas kalau bisa aq minta via SMS mas biar gak online kalau mau order, dan aq gak punya paypal mas, di tempat q jga cuma ada BRI saja,  harga templatenya berapa itu mas kalau jadiin rupiah :D tolong dibalas ke no hp q : 085738064660 besok aq mau transfer. thanks sebelumnya

        • Dalih

          Saya hanya punya rekening mandiri saja mas, jika mas masih tertarik silahkan hubungi saja saya lewat email atau contact form. Biar cepet ngeceknya. Kalo dirupahin ya segini mas 227.500. Ditunggu kabar baiknya.

  • Alin

    When I try to upload this theme, I get an error : 

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

    What I have to do? 


    • Dalih

      Please extract .zip file first and find .zip file of theme and then you can install it. Thanks.

  • ilker

    Hi Mr. Dalih,

    Thank you primarily your works. help please for halicia free themes set up.  I working in localhost wordpress. I import the ”halicia.wordpress.2011-10-
    14.xml” folder. I entry to wordpress theme options, I just clicked ”save all changes” butactivation mail did not come me. I don’t know How will I get activation mail me? Can you help me please? thanks

    • Dalih

      Please let me know your email id when install the theme. Thanks.

      • Ilker

        Mail ID=       don’t have any numbers out of it, thank you for helping.

      • Ilker

        Mail ID      don’t have any numbers out of it, thank you for helping.

    • bubuf

      how can i activate this template?

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  • atilla

    Hi Dalih,
    (first I apology my english)
    I’ve a huge problem. I install this “super theme”(thank you) very good. Change contact us page accidently. And don’t recover it again. Then uninstall the theme. ?nstall theme again to hope contact us page to reload.  Result :  :(
    And I delete all pages. Then uninstall and install again. Result :   :(
    I went managethemes page. Delete the them from my account .
    And install again. result : (
    Can you please help me ?

    • John

      Please ignore my previous request to activate (and delete please) – I have changed my admin email and used a different one which works…ive now activated it:) 

  • ozzy

    Themesnya error mas, kenapa ya..?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:xampphtdocswptestwp-contentthemeshaliciafunctions.php on line 720

    • ozzy

      Theme Optionsnya nggak mau muncul….

      Loading Themes Options … 

      mhn bantuannya 

      • Armin

        Same problem here. Theme options doesn’t load :(
        How can I fix it? 

  • Andy Katran

    Hello! Thank you for this pattern. When you install this error: Warning:[function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in / home / katran / data / www / / wp-content / themes / halicia / library / functions / core.php on line 111

  • John

    Hi there,

    Looks like a great theme except I’m not receiving the activation email – any chance you can do this for me please?


  • Jeff

    I’m trying to change the CSS so I can have a larger logo at the top but the style.css file is blank.  Please can you tell me how I can change it?

    Thanks in advance Jeff 

    • Dalih

      You can change size the logo via theme options.

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  • Iwona

    Hello! I didnt recive the activation link. Can you send for me please? Thank you! 

    • Dalih

      I have activated your account.

  • Brad

    I’m trying to understand the difference between the free version and the Pro version. Could you share what the differences are?

    I looked at the feature list and they are identical, other than pro saying “no limited features”. What features are limited in FREE version.

    Thank you. I’ve been looking for a theme like this for a long time. I’m excited to install it and make sure it’ll meet my needs.


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  • Mr. Adi

    Good Morning, Mr. Dalih. Halicia is a very increadible theme. I exactly to convey my gratitude for your best theme. My Question: (1). I have already bought a domain to my profesional website just a week ago, and I find this theme. I have a plan to buy this theme soon. Sorry,.. Does this theme have an expire-time (one, two, or five years, etc..) after buy once (exactly need buy twice in future or not???), or just to pay once ($25.00 or ID227.500) then we own it for longlife???? (2).Could this theme be costumize in worpress latest version 3.3.1 or just suitable on wordpress 3.2.1???? (3).Could you help me to send me Two example-people-website who has got this theme for their website, one hand for Profesional example and other for Free example???????? I give my highest apreciation for your detailed aswer for my three questions above. Be continued.. (I’m From Semarang City, as You :b).

    • Dalih

      (1) This theme don’t have expire-time just once pay ($25.00 or ID227.500), (2) You can check yourself on the latest wordpress with the free version.(3) The following are two examples of websites that use this theme. they have transformed themselves a few things to fit their needs., Regard Dalih.

      • Mr. Adi

        Yah, Oke. I just already send you a message at your Inbox. check it up… Thank You.

  • Sandor

    Hi Delih!
    I have a quastion, before I will order this theme.
    Can I add post/page LINK to list slider items? Because I don’t see on the free version if I choose the LIST SLIDER option (from slider drop-down menu in post/page admin), and I need exactly this function. I don’t see to work this function on demo site neither.
    This is important and urgent for me, so I wait your answer.
    Thank You very much!
    With respect:
    Sandor, from Hungary

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  • Jay


    First of all, congratulations for this amazing theme. You rock it!!!

    Second, I have a question, possibly a stupid one but, how do I delete comments in every page. I have tgrying to do it and I can’t see any option? 

  • Jay

    Hi, sorry, I have another question. I’m looking on how to include another line of text in the footer but it looks like if the footer.php were encoded. Do you know if there is a way of including it. 

  • Jay

    Hey Dalih, 

    No way, I’ve been trying to remove comments from pages all the day and I can’t, I tryed even with a plugin but it doesn´t work either. What makes me feel rare is that I’ve disallowed comments in general settings  but they continue appearing in some pages, not all of them but some of them. It’s quite strange. Would you recommend anything?

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  • Meyzena

    A beautiful theme

  • Jay

    I got it with a the plugin. :-) Yes it’s a wonderful theme.

  • Khai

    Hi Dalih,

    Can you send me the activation link again? I did not receive yet.. My email is


  • Serdar Çetin

    Hello Dalih. First of all, I want to congratulate you for the work. Re doing really good. I downloaded the theme Halicia. But I did not link activation. If i will be very happy. I am a new user of wordpress. I plan to buy the professional version of the theme of Halicia I learned a few things. If this matter would be happy to help. I wish good luck. Love and greetings from Turkey :)

  • ozkur

    Hi Dalih,
    Fİrstly i should say your theme perfect i ever seen. But i have i problem. I cant access theme options. How can i fix it?

    • dalihsusilo

      Please let me know your wordpress version. I will check this problem and make fast update as soon as possible if any problem. Thank you for your comment.

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  • Vi?t Designer

    This theme for free? I cant believe :D

  • Dalih

    Yes, this theme is free version. You can get pro version at

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