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ZenPen Free Word Processing App to Create Your Blog Articles

free word processing app

As blogger or internet marketer, creating articles or contents for sites or other kind of text writing is our daily activity. If you’re looking for simple and free word processing app to help your writing activity, then ZenPen is great choice.

ZenPen is an online web app that has minimalist interface as well as features because this tool is indeed only as text writing tool just like notepad. However, this tool is better since it provides necessary text format functions: inserting quotes, links, making bold and italic text. When you want to use it, you also don’t need to install and register. You can easily use it and save your texts to your computer.

For saving your texts, this free word processing app provides save button where you can use it to download your work in three different formats: in HTML, markdown or plain text without formatting.

word processing app

And there is cool feature that I like, that is set target word count. This feature allows you to determine the number of words of your text writing. Well, as blogger, you certainly know that Google always loves useful long contents. To sum up, ZenPen is an awesome free word processing app to help you create contents for your blogs/sites. Click the link below to try it!


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