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Codeanywhere – Free Code Editor in a Browser (Cloud Based)

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As wordpress developer, we always need code editor and of course we like to choose the free one. There are many choices of free code editor we can get in internet and one of them is Codeanywhere.

Codeanywhere offers great features where you can use it directly in a browser (compatible in all major browsers) and this tool is integrated with Dropbox client, FTP, and SFTP. For wordpress developers that like travelling, this free code editor is perfect and really helpful since you can connect to your servers from anywhere. As long as there is internet access, you can open all of your project files with your computer or smartphones. For smartphones/gadget, this awesome tool provides mobile apps for Android, iOS, Google Chrome, and Kindle.

This powerful multi-platform cloud based code editor supports all popular web formats (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML) and includes code auto completion, syntax highlighting, full internationalization, unlimited tabs, code indentation, smart indentation, find and replace tool and unlimited undo & redo, etc.

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